Elevate Your Field Service Workflows with ProntoForms’ Free Online Training

Optimize your field service workflows with our free product training. Master features and integrations while driving broader adoption.

Staying ahead in service operations is essential in today’s competitive environment. That’s why we’re excited to launch the first level of ProntoForms’ free online training self-paced program, empowering citizen developers and business technologists to get the most from their deployment with the knowledge and skills to optimize and streamline their field service workflows. 

Field service workflow product training for all

With the introduction of the first of this three-part program, we are breaking down barriers with hands-on exercises and providing accessible training so that all customers can leverage our product’s full potential.

As you progress through each level, you can customize your learning experience and focus on specific features or areas of the product and the third-party tools we integrate with.

ProntoForms’ free online training – the course

Deploying complex field service workflows and using conditional logic can be challenging, so our training focuses on setting them up with advanced functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be learning in part 1: 

  1. Welcome! (10 mins): Start here for guidance on starting with ProntoForms University, the mobile app, and the LIVE web portal.
  2. The mobile app (8m): Discover the ‘user’ side of ProntoForms, how to download the app on a mobile device, and where to access forms built within the ProntoForms LIVE web portal.
  3. The LIVE web portal (10m): The LIVE web portal is where admins and other users build forms, create workflows, access submission data, connect third-party tools, etc.
  4. The form diagram (15m): The form diagram is the ‘bird’s eye view’ of how your form connects to data sources, data destinations, and user access.
  5. Form builder walk-through (35m): Check out the form builder, where you design and launch forms to dispatch to a person, or group of people, within the LIVE web portal.
  6. Conditional logic (25m): Conditional logic refers to the brainpower behind forms, including rules you can set up to kick off actions based on triggers.
  7. Repeatable sections (35m): Repeatable sections are like mini forms that can live inside the main form – and you can have an unknown number of submission lines, like a mileage claim form, where your users can enter all their receipts, one by one, to arrive at a final expense total.
  8. Data sources (25m): You can attach documents to your forms to save users from manually typing information.
  9. Data destinations (25m): Data destinations refer to where the submission information goes—for example, connected to your SharePoint or Salesforce account.
  10. Documents (45m): Learn all about the submission file formats. For example, data collected in a form submission can land as a PDF or Word document, automatically delivered to an email address.
  11. DREL (15m): DREL is ProntoForms’ proprietary ‘data reference expression language’ to help execute specific functions based on fields in the form.
  12. Customer feedback forms (CSAT) (30m): Customer feedback forms can be accessed without a ProntoForms user account. They can connect as data destinations and be accessed via a browser, as they have a URL.
  13. Final form-building exercise.


By completing ProntoForms University’s product training, your workflow builders will gain the skills to increase productivity, streamline processes, and grow customer value. When headcount changes, you can continue to access the training to rapidly empower others within your organization to harness the power of our platform, expanding the pool of expertise and driving broader adoption organization-wide. Elevate your field service workflows with ProntoForms University’s free online training self-paced program. Equip your team with the necessary skills and maximize the benefits of your deployment.

“Training was good; the length was good as well. I look forward to L2 and L3.” – Magda Zouein, Business Support Manager, Johnson Controls EMEA.

“Overall, I think it was very well done.  It <the Level 1 training> covered enough for beginners to get their feet wet without overwhelming them. I look forward to the next levels of training and growing my ProntoForms skillset” – Jeffery Birkett, Aftermarket Process & Application Specialist, Dynapower USA.

Start the free training on our website today! Please note that first-time users must create an account, as there is currently no integration with our LIVE web portal. When prompted, click the “Sign Up” link at the bottom of the Login Screen.

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