G2’s Grid Report Mobile Forms Automation, Winter 2022

ProntoForms has been named a leader on G2’s Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation, Winter 2022. We're both a leader and high performer.

G2, a world leader in peer-to-peer review sites just released its Winter 2022 Grid® Report for Mobile Forms Automation. We’re incredibly proud to say that, yet again, we’ve been named leader within this category. This achievement comes down to us receiving a high customer satisfaction score and possessing a large market presence.

The Winter 2022 G2 Grid® Report at a glance

An impressive 98% of users rated ProntoForms— the leader in no-code app development platforms for field teams— 4 stars or better on a five-star scale. 92% of those who replied said they would be likely to recommend ProntoForms to another person.

ProntoForms has been named a leader on G2’s Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation, Winter 2022. We're a leader and high performer.

The importance of G2 Grid® Reports

Who better to trust when considering a purchase than the customer? The G2 Grid® Report is the voice of real software users who possess high standards for the products and solutions they bring into their companies. G2 helps millions of businesses make better purchasing decisions by rating products based on the data they source from product reviews shared by G2 users, as well as data gathered from social networks and online sources.

Where we excel in the Winter 2022 Grid® Report for Mobile Forms Automation

  • We’re the leader.As a product in the Leader quadrant, ProntoForms was rated highly by G2 users and received significant Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.
  • We’re also a mid-market leader with demonstrated success within this segment.  
  • We’re a high performer. Products in this quadrant of the Grid® Report gained high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence scores compared to the rest of the category.

Access the full G2 Grid Report here.

In addition, to our inclusion in G2’s mobile forms automation report, ProntoForms also appears in the Salesforce AppExchange Apps and Low-Code Development Platforms categories.

What ProntoForms users are saying on G2

“We love that we are able to create forms that help our representatives out in the field gather all necessary information for our records. We also love the integrated data that can be automatically added to the form. One of the newest features that we use with ProntoForms is their customer feedback forms which we have used in a variety of different ways to help us connect better with our customers. We also enjoy that any and all submissions can be submitted and then sent to our office in different formats, such as HTML, Word Doc, PDF, etc. Their forms and platform are user-friendly to all of our representatives and customers. We have been working with these forms for a couple of years and would recommend ProntoForms to anyone who is looking to take their forms to the next level with their frontline staff and/or with their customers.” – ProntoForms Small Business User Review (January 2022)

“I like the non-coding and graphic interface that is pretty straightforward. I like the conditional logic built into all the forms, and I like that it’s compatible with not only Google but with Microsoft. I can put this in the hands of a non-tech savvy person and have them still complete the task at hand.” – ProntoForms Enterprise User Review (December 2021)

“The best part of ProntoForms is the intuitive nature of form building and how easy it is to link to other data sources. We keep all our price lists in Google Sheets, so I can get this info right on the form, which saves a lot of time and effort.” – ProntoForms Mid-Market User Review (December 2021)

Ready to unleash the power of mobile forms apps to empower your field teams?

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and discover how we help set field service technicians up for success, we’d love to give you a quick demo to show you ProntoForms in action.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, January 27, 2022
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