ProntoForms holds onto top spot on Spring 2020 Mobile Forms Automation report

ProntoForms holds top spot for spring 2020 mobile forms automation report

G2, a world leader in peer-to-peer review sites, released its Spring 2020 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation. We’re proud to announce that ProntoForms has, once again, remained as the category leader.

Nearly 98% of G2 reviewers rate the global leader in field-focused low-code application platforms for enterprise as four stars or better on a five-star scale. In fact, more than 75% rate ProntoForms a perfect five stars.

G2 report at a glance

G2 releases Grid® and Index Reports on a quarterly basis, ranking products based on reviews gathered from our user community.

ProntoForms earned the highest satisfaction score among all providers in the Mobile Forms Automation Software category.

We don’t rest on our laurels

One major reason that ProntoForms is consistently the top-rated software in mobile forms automation is that we cultivate strong relationships with customers.

According to the G2 Spring 2020 Relationship Index for Mobile Forms Automation, ProntoForms was awarded “Best Relationship” based on ease of doing business, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend.

ProntoForms’ numbers all exceed the index’s average score. Not to get to high school yearbook on you, but these numbers are why ProntoForms was named:

  • Spring 2020 Leader
  • Spring 2020 Most Likely to Recommend
  • Spring 2020 Best Usability
  • Spring 2020 Best Relationship

G2 Grid® for Mobile Forms Automation Software

Actions speak louder than words

ProntoForms is not the only player in the game, and in reality, the others boast many of the same features and benefits. But the differentiator can be found with one look at the G2 report and its user reviews.

All IT directors and line of business owners should do their due diligence when considering the true scalability of a mobile platform for the field—especially during these uncertain times that may truly represent our new normal for the foreseeable future.

It’s important to ask questions and understand how the solution you implement meets the new challenges of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. How does the solution address the safety of technicians, speed of response, the scale of response, compliance, and quality of actionable data?

Ask plenty of questions to ensure the “solution” you implement doesn’t create more problems than it solves.

The reason ProntoForms is consistently named the leader in Mobile Forms Automation is because it checks all the boxes and then some.

What our customers say

“The results, the forms we used to capture key information provide excellent actionable results for us. Without ProntoForms – the ease of use, mobile access, and great SLA – we would not have the information we need on a timely basis.” – ProntoForms Enterprise User Review (March 2020)

“I like that anyone can pick up ProntoForms and create their own forms. The tool is very intuitive and lends itself to easy user creation. Because it is so easy to use, not only can forms be set up in hours, but also this allows our business units to bring a functional service to the end-users quickly.” – ProntoForms User Review (October 2019)

“It has been a powerful tool within our organization and we have been able to get out collected information quickly (to) save time and money.” – ProntoForms Enterprise User Review (March 2020)

Need more?

Still unconvinced? Check out some of our blog about custom apps and their importance during a pandemic.

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