ProntoForms named Market Leader in Field Service Management Software

ProntoForms named FeaturedCustomers market leader

We’re pleased to announce that FeaturedCustomers has named ProntoForms as a Market Leader in the category of Field Service Management Software.

FeaturedCustomers, the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software and services, helps potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content.

What is the FeaturedCustomers Customer Success Report?

The FeaturedCustomers Customer Success Report takes a combination of customer content on its platform, a company’s social media presence, and aggregated data from online sources and social media properties to calculate an overall Customer Success score.

Customer Success awards — Market Leader, Top Performer, and Rising Star — are awarded based on the score a company receives. These scores help legitimize a vendor’s product as reputable, trustworthy, and best-in-class.

What makes us a Market Leader?

ProntoForms is the perfect complement to an organization’s field service management software. Our low-code application platform empowers field technicians to do sophisticated work in an agile way.

With that in mind, it’s apropos that ProntoForms was again named as one of the Market Leaders in the space — the highest achievable award. To earn this status, a vendor must achieve a Customer Success score between 88 and 95 in the category.

What our customer say:

ProntoForms has received 120 customer success reviews on FeaturedCustomers — 52 testimonials, 49 case studies, and 19 customer videos. Each of these reviews was considered as part of ProntoForms’ Customer Success score.

Here are four of those reviews:

“Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour.” – Obayashi Health and Safety Manager

“We’re almost 100% paperless now in our department because of ProntoForms. With one hour of savings per day for 200 users, that’s 4,200 hours per month. It equals out to about $180K/month in savings.” – Cooke Remote Feed Supervisor

“ProntoForms’ additional capabilities expand the richness of the ServiceMax platform and will help drive better outcomes for our customers.” – General Electric Vice-President Global Alliances

“Once the pilot testing was successful and we’d gathered feedback, we deployed to the whole of North America within six months.”– Halliburton Global Asset Manager

View ProntoForms’s profile and access the full 2019 Summer Customer Success Report here:

Need more?

ProntoForms has no shortage of customer success stories. Hear from big names in the oil and gas and utilities industries (Halliburton), automotive services (AAA), construction (Graniterock), facility management (Diversified Maintenance, TEC Services), and many more.

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