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Welcome to the ProntoForms Blog! This is THE place for the latest product and company announcements. It’s also a window into the culture, people and ideas that have made the True Context company a rising player in the business mobile solutions space. Be sure to check back here routinely for breaking ProntoForms news or an inside track on what’s coming soon.

As for today’s announcement, we’re pleased to say that with ProntoForms, you can now Export and Connect to more destinations and services than ever before!

Cloud services have become essential for mobile users and businesses on the go. ProntoForms now lets you connect to popular services such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote and

We even let you customize your connection.

While cloud services connecting is a major coup for ProntoForms, we’re also proud to offer other options, such as FTP and HTTP, as well as with a couple of social media websites you might have heard of: Facebook and Twitter. These social platforms are great for team notifications. Email notifications are also possible with ProntoForms.

In terms of the Export side of the equation, the ProntoForms Web Portal lets you export PDF, XML, MS Excel (.csv) and MS Word (.docx) files, making the latest ProntoForms version hard for others to compete with.

We’re excited to finally be blogging and making announcements. But we also want your feedback and thoughts. Reach out to us at

Mats LindebergMats Lindeberg
As ProntoForms’ Communications Manager, Mats leads a team of talented writers who provide written content for web, marketing collateral, social media, and PR. When he’s not moving commas around, he’s coaching Little League baseball and playing keys in a cover band. Mats has a degree in Journalism from Stockholm University.
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