ProntoForms Panasonic Toughpad short film featured by media outlet

Roadway Worker Training ProntoForms Panasonic Toughpad success storyThe feedback and reaction to our customer success story series, featuring the ProntoForms mobile form solution, the Panasonic Toughpad and A&T connectivity, continues to be quite favorable.

The video series

Published in August, ProntoForms produced three high quality mobile solution videos that each tell the story of how our mobile form application and platform can speed up business processes, even in the most rugged working conditions. Teamed with the Panasonic FZ-A1 Toughpad, along with the AT&T wireless network, the mobile business solution is shown in action with three prominent enterprises.

The featured mobile forms customer

Today, popular mobile technology and tablet news site TabTimes decided to feature the video success story of Roadway Worker Training (RWT), a Florida firm that trains workers and is entrenched in the railway industry.

At the heart of the story is the fact that RWT is now able to better collect data, no matter how rugged the job site. In addition, data is now communicated faster and in a more organized manner.

In their own words

“Prior to ProntoForms, all of the data in the field was collected on notepads and on manual invoicing. Then at the end of the week, all of us in the field would fax (the data) back to the office. The biggest benefit (of ProntoForms on the Toughpad) by far is instant access to collecting information. As soon as the day is over, I hit the send button and my paperwork is finished,” said RWT’s Sean Quigley, during his appearance in the short film.

For RWT, it all started with a free trial.

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