ProntoForms remains atop the leaderboard in Mobile Forms Automation Software

Mobile Forms Automation G2 Fall Leader

G2 (previously known as G2 Crowd), the world’s largest B2B tech marketplace, released its Fall 2019 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation Software. We’re pleased to announce that ProntoForms remains fully entrenched as a market leader in this highly competitive space.

G2 report at a glance

G2 releases Grid® and Index Reports on a quarterly basis. Products are ranked based on the reviews they earn from the G2 community.

ProntoForms — once again — earned the highest satisfaction score among all products in the Mobile Forms Automation Software category. This is made even more significant by the fact that the majority of reviews have come from enterprise customers.

Talk without action is just that

ProntoForms is more than mobile forms — it’s a low-code application platforms (LCAP) aimed at field service. And the truth is that many offer the same features and benefits. We all come with same table stakes. One of ProntoForms greatest differentiators is how proudly its customers boast about the platform’s transformative capabilities. Read through the G2 report and its user reviews, and you’ll have tangible proof that ProntoForms backs up every one of its claims.

It’s of paramount importance that IT directors and line of business owners consider all of their options when deciding which mobile forms automation software to employ. One question they should always ask themselves is how scalable is this field-service platform? Technology changes quickly, especially in this realm.

In fact, ProntoForms changes all the time. We just announced some new and exciting features, including:

  • Mobile search
  • Camera to text
  • Document scanning, and
  • Form templates.

It’s this constant product evolution — as well as existing features like multi-step workflows and conditional routing — that keeps customers happy and ProntoForms as a market leader. We listen and respond to the needs of our customers.

Our low-code enterprise-grade platform makes it fast and easy to deploy smart mobile forms for the field. We are field service — empowered.

Don’t take our word for it:

“Productivity is the biggest problem that I have solved since using ProntoForms. My techs no longer have a need to drive back to the office to pick up work orders. This saves a lot of money on fuel and vehicle maintenance, as well as being able to complete more work orders per day.” – ProntoForms User Review (July 2019)

“Recently, they released a massive update to their form builder which included repeatable sections and conditional formatting. This was a huge boon to my work in the application as our company performs multiple safety and pre-construction inspections for Independent Contractors of all types. It’s saved our field crews a ton of time being able to perform multiple inspections in one form.” – ProntoForms User Review (May 2019)

“The adoption of the tool by my team was the easiest and quickest of any technology solution. It typically takes days of onboarding and criticism by my teams. ProntoForms was minutes for the users to understand.” – ProntoForms User Review (April 2019)

Need more?

Still unconvinced? Check out some of our enterprise customer interviews and case studies. Hear from big names in the oil and gas and utilities industries (Halliburton), automotive services (AAA), construction (Obayashi, Graniterock), facility management (Diversified Maintenance, TEC Services), and many more.

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