ProntoForms strengthens Salesforce relationship with improved AppExchange listing

ProntoForms & Salesforce AppExchange

Historically, ProntoForms and Salesforce have had a strong relationship with many shared customers and seamless out-of-the-box integration. Salesforce customers leverage ProntoForms—often in tandem with Asset 360—to ensure consistency and accuracy in work performed by field personnel. Information gathered during onsite service feeds back into Salesforce to increase field efficiency and agility.

In order to expand this relationship and ProntoForms’ participation as an ecosystem partner, ProntoForms recently enhanced their AppExchange listing. This update includes improved targeting and a stronger benefit breakdown—including customer stories that illustrate the value of features like low-code business logic, contextual navigation, offline support, and enterprise-grade security and reliability.

In addition to this update, a test drive is now also available for AppExchange users that prefer an interactive and quick walkthrough of core ProntoForms features. Launching the test drive from the Salesforce AppExchange is easy and nothing needs to be installed in the customer’s Salesforce platform.

This update comes at a critical point as many organizations are recalibrating post-2020 and are looking to extract the most value from their technology investments and push their digital transformation objectives into 2021. ProntoForms and Salesforce is part of that story.

Learn more about Salesforce + ProntoForms

For a deep dive into how ProntoForms and Salesforce works for field teams, check out the “Salesforce + ProntoForms = Success, Featuring GOJO/Purell” session at the EMPOWER user conference or the “Discover the Possibilities of Salesforce with ProntoForms” webinar with Huberto Garza, ProntoForms’ Partner Manager, and Jodie Menard, Director of Customer Care at ARxIUM. If you’re short on time, check out ARxIUM’s case study to learn how Salesforce and ProntoForms works in practice for this medical device manufacturing organization.

While you’re at it, be sure to read Salesforce’s AppExchange’s newest ebook, Inspiring Insights from Our Year Inside. You’ll discover how Salesforce customers made the most of 2020. (Be sure to look for the mention of ProntoForms’ work with GOJO/Purell on page 8).

Want to see something more high-level? Take a look at ProntoForms’ Salesforce integration page and the 1-minute overview video there.

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