ProntoForms White Label – Take the App Genius Route!

You may not know this but, the term ‘White Label’ originated in the record industry. Record companies would send a new recording to radio stations and clubs to gain airplay and gauge popularity. With the design of sleeve artwork being an expensive business, the record was primarily sent out in a white label sleeve – saving costs and perhaps brand integrity if the recording tanked!

The term has been widely adopted across the manufacturing industry, to refer to a product made by one company that can subsequently be branded to look like it came from another. Software is no different and the mutual benefits to both companies are well understood: the original developer gains access to a new market of often larger customers, for whom brand identity is important; the customer puts out ‘his own’ product, often for his customers, without having to actually develop the product. It’s a win-win.

The White Label version of ProntoForms’ industry-leading App for mobile data collection and automated workflows gives customers this win-win. In fact, we call our White Label customers “App Geniuses” – they get all the benefits of deploying the market-leading mobile forms app, while doing none of the work. Genius!

So, how does it work? Our customers can use their own App icon and company name on Apple’s App Store, the Google Play store (or both), providing great brand exposure. Employees, subcontractors, and customers can quickly find the app just by searching for the company name. No need to explain how ProntoForms fits into the picture.

Allied to this, this new shiny app inherits all that has made ProntoForms the industry leader – rich functionality, superb integration capabilities, best-in-class User Experience, top notch performance, proven reliability and more. The days are gone when organizations attempt to use inferior build-your-own alternatives – the industry is littered with examples of years-long, multi-million dollar projects that end up scrapped because the final product didn’t meet basic requirements and was a nightmare to use.

You wouldn’t build your own CRM or ERP systems, would you? Why would you trust your mobile data collection and automated workflow to anyone but the industry leader? You have a business to run and your expertise is needed there; not devoting your time, money and resources to a complex task that is hard to master, and can easily be outsourced.

Our White Label product is highly configurable and quick to deploy. It only takes seven business days from when we get the data we need from you!

As for App Store management details, we can do it two ways – we can handle everything for you, or you can control the entire process, including when to publish any updates. Some customers are happy to let us do it for them, others want to soak-test the app according to their IT policies – something we know many customers welcome.

If you’re an App Genius, an IT Guru, or a Code Ninja and want to find out how ProntoForms White Label could help your business, take advantage of our current promotion. Just sign up for a White Label demo and we’ll send you your free personalized App Genius T-shirt! It’s the smart choice.

Interested in taking the plunge (or just really keen to receive a free t-shirt)? Contact us to get started!

Alan StranaghanAlan Stranaghan
Alan joined ProntoForms as Product Marketing Lead in 2017. He has twenty years’ international experience in Software Product Management & Product Marketing, holds a B.Eng (Honours) in Electronic Systems from the Ulster University, in Northern Ireland and is Pragmatic Marketing certified.
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