ProntoForms workflows are data-generating workhorses for data currency

Workflows excel in helping you generate data currency. This data enables you to optimize your operations, keep field service technicians motivated, and increase customer satisfaction.

When Sir Francis Bacon coined the phrase “Knowledge is power,” he must have been talking about the incredible data maximizing power of ProntoForms workflows.

Our agile app building capabilities empower citizen developers to rapidly build, launch, and iterate workflows based on feedback from field service technicians.

ProntoForms workflows are like data-maximizing workhorses. If they were people, without fail they’d be named Employee of the Month every time.

Where workflows excel is in helping organizations generate data currency. This data enables you to optimize your operations, keep field service technicians motivated, and increase customer satisfaction. Eating data for breakfast, or at least serving it up to those who need it, is an essential part of what will create success for your company.

Why is data currency important?

Helping data flow through your organization and into the hands of your customers and field service technicians is the aim here.

Customers are happier when they have immediate access to data. During an IdeaShare event on 2021 Field Service Trends, our VP of Operations, Aly Mawani said,  

“It’s about putting the customer at the center with mobile technologies that provide telemetry of information, that deliver the ability to see what goes on in the diagnostic process, and that draw in and allow for more engagement between the field tech and the customer. Visibility into their service contracts, upcoming maintenance, self-service options, age of their equipment – that’s often hard to manage. The field service industry needs to be able to give customers visibility of that data.”

With ProntoForms, technicians have access to information at their fingertips, reducing their frustration and providing them with the immediate support they require. Mobile search, workflow triggers, resource images, and integrating our platform with your cloud or business systems are a few ways to give them the valuable information necessary to safely and efficiently complete work on the first visit.

Ready to go deeper into how you can make this happen?

How to build data currency into your ProntoForms workflows

A single form submission can trigger any combination of powerful and flexible mobile form workflows to ensure data is actionable, useful, and stored where it can be accessed by everyone who needs it. Here are a few areas where ProntoForms mobile workflows empower data to take center stage and be of maximum benefit.

  • Keep everyone safe. Send real-time SMS notifications to a supervisor when a safety inspection results in a “fail” rating.
  • Increase technician efficiency. Automatically trigger a new work task if an inspection indicates a part needs to be serviced or replaced. Create a workflow to give field technicians access to the latest data, including price & parts lists
  • Support techs with contextual information. Use conditional logic to build powerful and dynamic forms that react to the context of a job in real-time. As field techs fill out the form on their mobile device, the flow and requirements change based on their answers.
  • Store and share information for full accessibility. Rapidly create workflows that expand the storage and distribution of data, documents, and work records to a multitude of back-office systems and cloud destinations beyond your FSM. For example, store form data in Box (PDF/Word), and extract & send financial data (CSV) to the finance department, asset data to operations, and structured data to your analytics engine.
  • Gain visibility into a site in advance. Eliminate the lack of information that leads to wasted time and resources. Send a form to your customers to get visibility into a site before the tech arrives. Customers can submit images showing details, what requires maintenance, or proof of a damaged or defective asset.
  • Send custom documents & surveys to clients and staff. Using custom documents, forward submitted data and reports in real time for further review and/or action. Send a branded summary to a customer, a work order approval to a manager, and store a record of compliance in the cloud with just one click!
  • Get immediate feedback from your customers. Send web surveys to customers to get instant feedback to course-correct where needed. Supervisors and team leads can also include images for customers to review and approve as proof of delivery or completion of work.

Amplify data currency with field service analytics

No more acting on a hunch. By feeding raw field data into an analytics engine, you can view your data in easy-to-understand dashboards. Use a robust enterprise analytics tool to create and share fully customized reports to support executive decision-making armed with powerful insights backed by truth.


Workflows make the field service world go round. While our mobile workflows are built for technician satisfaction, they go even further to set you up to surpass your customer’s expectations. But wait. There’s more! Departments in your company gain instant access to data previously stored away in file cabinets, and leaders can benefit from insights secured from putting information to work using analytics. That’s a whole lot of win right there.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make information a transformative catalyst in your organization, look no further than ProntoForms’ Product Documentation Portal. It’s packed full of great articles to set you up to generate a windfall of data currency within your company. Don’t forget to visit the ProntoForms Community as well. It’s your space to unite with other users, learn more about how to maximize your experience, and accelerate your knowledge of ProntoForms.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, December 16, 2021
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