A ProntoTale: Santa’s Story


T’was the night before Christmas, and Santa was stressed. He’d finally put all his elves to the test. Rather than deliver each present by hand, his elves would deliver them all cross the land. But how could he monitor them in the field? He called ProntoForms, who said they could yield…


Faster naughty-or-nice inspections

When grading intentions

ProntoForms informed him

His character inspections

Would ne’er overwhelm them

As mobile inspections

Prevented form errors

And office connections

Stopped all form nightmares


Better elf accountability 

Though his elves were awesome

He knew some were sneaky

That some would play possum

Fudge times to be cheeky

But ProntoForms’ time stamp

Made these pranks no more

He’d know when each scamp

Placed gifts on each floor


Improve gift delivery services

North pole personnel

Are skilled in their craft

But last year Ms. Grinchelle

Claimed her gifts were cracked

To prove that each gift

Was delivered pristine

Santa’d need a GIF

Of each gift at the scene

ProntoForms’ pic capture

Would handle that job

So that dear Ms. Finster

Would no longer sob


This is a taste of how we’ve helped St. Nick.

Find out how else we’ve made all his elves click.


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