Put YouTube help videos into your dispatched mobile forms for field workers

mobile form help videoProntoForms has already brought the mobile form world dispatch functionality, as detailed in a blog post last spring. Essentially, dispatch allows administrators to send work orders and other related forms out into the field, right onto a user’s mobile device.

But as described in the ProntoForms Support section, did you know that administrators can also send out forms to their field workers that contain YouTube help videos?

When building a custom mobile form with ProntoForms, form fields must be created and identified. While every enterprise is different, many require questions answered. However, if a particular question is especially difficult to answer for field workers, or has some sort of complicated aspect to it, it could be useful to include a helpful YouTube how-to video along with the question.

Upon creating a mobile form question, following the support section instructions, you can include a YouTube link. The video will then only appear should the user click on the question mark icon, seeking more help in answering the form question.

So for example, if an insurance inspector is supposed to inspect a house for water damage, and there are particularly difficult areas to inspect, the administrator could also include instructional videos on how to overcome common inspection complications. This video functionality can apply to any type of industry.

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Mats Lindeberg, on Wednesday, October 10, 2012
As ProntoForms’ Communications Manager, Mats leads a team of talented writers who provide written content for web, marketing collateral, social media, and PR. When he’s not moving commas around, he’s coaching Little League baseball and playing keys in a cover band. Mats has a degree in Journalism from Stockholm University.
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