Looking Ahead: Safety & Technology Trends of 2017

For the third year in a row, ProntoForms has teamed up with EHS Daily Advisor to discover what role technology plays in environmental health and safety, and where the industry is heading.

The survey launched in early July of 2017, and the responses – from more than 450 EHS professionals – paint a real-world picture of how safety professionals are using new technologies to manage the many challenges that they face every day.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The most popular workflow method is e-mail, with 76% of professionals naming it as a key part of their day, but the most prevalent form management method, at 70%, is a filing cabinet.
  • 87% of EHS professionals use analytics or reporting within their company’s safety program, but 63% of those use Excel to perform those analytics.
  • Respondents that use technology to automate their safety programs reported that “Embedding safety check questions in all field operations forms (work orders, maintenance, service, etc.) improved compliance with our safety program.”

Learn where else EHS professionals support health and safety with technology, how you measure up to your peers, and the future of safety by downloading the new report “Safety Automation & Technology Trends”.

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