Samsung Note Super Bowl commercial makes waves

Following another hectic season of Super Bowl ad hype, we all invariably have our favorite Super Bowl commercials. Most of them are usually food, beer or car related. But score one for technology. According to the Washington Post, the new Samsung Note, complete with a stylus pen for more precise touchscreen navigation, scored big with its big game spot.

The idea behind the spot was to take aim at iPhone and to take a bite out of their market share. The ad scored with audiences, as a Slashgear poll conducted showed an almost two-to-one margin of the highest possible rating versus the next most popular poll question response.

And oh, by the way, did you know that not only is ProntoForms fully compatible and operational on Samsung Note devices, but that it’s the only App featured on the smart device’s pre-order page? That’s a win-win, if we’ve ever seen one.

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