Save many hours a month with mobile forms from ProntoForms

It’s always more impactful when the ProntoForms message comes from an actual customer. Such is the case with the video testimonial of Health Calls Home Health Agency, an Eastern Pennsylvania business with clinicians that routinely make home visits.

“Our company went to ProntoForms for all of our field clinicians, and to help us with time and attendance,” explained Mike Little, Health Calls Home Health’s President.

In just a few weeks, Little was pleased with the difference that ProntoForms had made to the organization’s processes.

“We’ve saw a huge improvement in productivity, we saw a huge improvement in data retrieval, and the simplicity of use has been very good for us.”

An critical aspect for the company is to collect signatures, one of the many mobile form capabilities offered by ProntoForms. Capturing signatures on a smartphone or tablet is as simple as having a client put a pen to paper.

Moreover, since going paperless, ProntoForms has significantly reduced the file retrieval and filing time that Little’s team must devote to reviewing and searching through records.

“Prior to Prontoforms, whenever we had to review our records and retrieve timesheets or documentation, it took us hours and hours. Recently, with ProntoForms, it took me only five minutes to retrieve the documentation I needed.”

Health Calls Home Health’s story is a real example of how ProntoForms is streamlining processes and saving businesses significant time and money.

“We’d like to thank ProntoForms and we highly recommend it.

Check out Mike Little’s full video testimonial.

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