Take customization to the next level with customer facing PDF outputs and emails

ProntoForms is all about customization. Our business process solution is your business process solution. As such, did you know that when submitting data outputs to multiple email recipients, you can tailor the body of the email as well as the content of the attached PDF?

Field user data sent to manager and customer workflow as emails or PDFsCustomize PDF outputs

ProntoForms has the ability to generate customer-facing PDFs that can hide certain work data that is only meant for managers or supervisors. With one form submission from the app, two (or more) different PDFs can be emailed at the same time to their respective recipients (ex. a customer and a manager).

Customize your emails

To take it a step further, you also have the ability to customize the content of the email based on who the recipient is, making the customer experience more personal and relevant. Take a look:

This unprecedented level of customization from ProntoForms is yet another example of how you can increase customer service and internal communication.

Get more information on email body customization.

Read more on PDF customization.

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