Sodexo supports mobile field service via a janitorial checklist app

Sodexo Supports Janitorial Services with Mobility via a janitorial checklist app

This is a conversation between Mark Scott (VP of Marketing, ProntoForms) and Evan Daily (Business Technology Analyst, Sodexo) about using a janitorial checklist app .

Mark: Can you tell us a little about you, Sodexo and your role there, including your use of our janitorial checklist app?

Evan: We’ve used ProntoForms for several years now and it has helped provide solutions for some of our needs, so we are always very happy to help ProntoForms out.

Mark: Can you talk a little bit about different operational processes at Sodexo where you were facing challenges and you wanted to introduce mobile devices and ProntoForms? What did some of those challenges look like?

Evan: We use ProntoForms in several areas, health and safety auditing, “APPA” auditing – related to janitorial services. We also use it for management surveys and dispatched surveys when we are contractually required or to improve our services. Also, for death disclaimer forms, when people are visiting certain sites that require security measures to be taken. A lot of issues we had in these areas were retention, as well as paper waste. That’s one of the reasons we thought of ProntoForms.

Mark: In these examples, can you talk a little about what the roll out looked like and one or two positive business outcomes you experienced as notable improvements?

Evan: I’ll start with health and safety – this one was quite easy. We had certain people in our health and safety department who had all the documentation and forms ready, so we need to do monthly health inspections, as well as things like fridge inspections for our employees’ safety and consumer safety. We had all the forms, it was very easy to digitize and in a lot of cases, we had the ProntoForms team do the development. They were very good about working with us to get our forms into a digital format. It’s not always easy to turn a paper form into a digital form but ProntoForms made it easy. A lot of the positive outcomes we saw included a reduction of paper and improvement of services.

If we fail an audit, we must send paperwork to five individuals. Collecting the list of people and their contact details can be cumbersome because you have to go through the paperwork before sending it off. With the integrated workflows, we are able to put in a scoring system and make sure that these individuals are getting notified right away so there are no lapses in our overview. Also, because we are collecting the data digitally, we can report on it and view the trends for when we are having issues; when we are starting; if we can tie any external forces to our processes to change the outcome; etcetera.

Our satisfaction surveys used to be done on paper, and at the end of each month the results were put into an Excel spreadsheet and shipped to our clients. This is not a very efficient process, and not very meaningful for the client. Now we can provide meaningful dashboards to our clients and take action when something has failed. If we are interviewing a client and they have an issue with our services, we can follow up on that right away because we are notifying the right people.

Mark: How do you quantify your return on investment for our mobile solution that provides you with a janitorial checklist app?

Evan: Health and safety, we don’t really have those numbers because that was not the driving force of the project, but what I would like to mention is our management survey. We have only deployed this in a small segment currently. With approximately 20 users across 20 sites, we have seen savings of about $17K every year.

Mark: I’d like to talk about the different ways you integrate our system with any cloud systems or your back-end systems. We integrate with most cloud systems, and I understand you use Box to store data from the field. Can you talk about the different ways you integrate the data and how you use Box with your system?

Evan: We use a few different back-end systems depending on what we need. For reportable data, we are generally sending it to our database back-end or to SharePoint. We generally use Box for retention of documents such as PDF or Word documents that are created in our health and safety field. The end result of these audits is a PDF document which is sent via email to the people who need to receive that. But the document itself is also stored on Box for us to apply retention policies. The form disclaimers a user signs when he comes to the site are also sent to Box. One of the great things about not requiring code to connect all these platforms is it allows you to dynamically create folders in Box, to sort by our parameters. It’s not just a mess of data. That is a very handy feature.

Mark: Sodexo is one of the largest employers globally. You have chosen iOS devices for your employees; can you comment on why Sodexo prioritizes aligning on iOS for your janitorial checklist app?

Evan: The tool that we use for our management of these devices is called AirWatch. It allows us to monitor, track, and control the devices remotely. One of the really nice things about Apple is their Device Enrolment program, which allows us to deploy supervised devices without ever having to come through our office. It’s quite cumbersome to have devices shipped to a head office, install required software, and then send them off. Now we can do that with our vendor as they supply the devices. They ship directly to the destination and when our employees connect their device to Wi-Fi, we have control over the setup and ownership over the device, to control the applications used, etcetera. It makes it easy to monitor and to remotely control the device. There are a lot of users who don’t know how to set up a device, as simple as it can be, so having that remote control makes things easier for everyone.

Mark: Is there anything you would like to add about your experiences with deployment, working with our team, or any constructive feedback you can share with us?

Evan: One of the things I found working with the ProntoForms team, there has never been a question that I had that was not answered or resolved. Sometimes they were easy questions, sometimes more difficult, but when the answer was ‘no’, it wasn’t a hard ‘no’, it was always a ‘no, but let’s see what we can do about it’. That included questions about integrating with our backend, such as ‘do you have this?’, and the answer could be ‘not currently, but we can do something about that, let’s get into a discussion’. Whether this was the support team or our account rep, especially with billing issues with how many units we have, a lot of them operate as their own businesses and every department we worked with at ProntoForms has been great at working with our unique structure and accommodating us.

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