Streamline your form building with advanced mobile forms

Over the years, we’ve spoken to many of our customers about their mobile solution deployments. Recently, however, Pat Foley put the challenge of deployment better than we ever could:

“You know, I think my final advice would be, don’t assume that you get straight into work process and workflow. It’s a mental transformation, understanding what that means. If you’re getting started, you’ve got to figure it out along the way with whatever technology you have. It’s also about rethinking the form; disconnect the output the paperwork, and drive workflow. What it looks like at the end, that’s the simple part.”

Pat Foley
Senior Manager, Service Technologies, Innovation & Strategies North America

It’s for customers like Pat, and customers like you, that we strive to build a product that is simple to use, so you can dedicate your time to building and understanding the full potential of your technology stack. SaaS products are constantly evolving, and if you’re not taking full advantage of new features, you’re missing out on heaps of untapped value.

ProntoForms is no exception to that rule, and with the release of Version 2 (V2) forms and beyond, there’ve been many new features which make building powerful mobile forms more intuitive.


When you’re building out mobile forms, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to create forms that react to user inputs. Exceptions create color-coded real time feedback as users fill out their form to alert them to dangerous site conditions, machinery that requires upkeep, or anything else they need to be aware of in the field. Exceptions can also be tallied to support responsive inspections and audits, allowing you to quickly react to dangerous conditions, assets requiring maintenance, or other worrying trends.

Repeatable Sections

Gone are the days of flipping a piece of paper over to add additional lines that may or may not be noticed in the office. Repeatable sections in mobile forms allow technicians to add as many line items as they need, without cluttering their form with providing unnecessary empty spaces or tiny, illegible handwriting. Alternately, dispatch to repeatable sections to assign tasks or inspections in an easily reviewable table view.

Conditional Logic

Conditions in the field often effect the forms that need to be filled out, and the workflow that needs to follow. Based on an, “If This, Then That,” structure, building advanced logic into a form enables you to guide field technicians to reliably complete complex tasks, no matter their skill level or experience.

Assign Form Edits

Forms of any kind occasionally need to be sent back for updates if, but mobile workflows make it infinitely easier. Enable users to update forms themselves or allow edits only when dispatched by a manager. Updating submissions due to redrawn plans, adding site requirements, or retaking photos can be done and resubmitted with changes tracked so changes are easily audit-able.

Custom Documents

Depending on where a form submission is going, different data needs to be included, and different formats may be required. With custom documents, you’re able to populate any documents you need with a single submission. Produce a beautifully custom-branded PDF invoice with itemized costs for a customer, an inspection in Excel for the site Safety Manager highlighting concerns, and a JSON of raw data for back-office record keeping.


Whether using mobile forms as a standalone solution, or as a mobile front end to existing systems, enterprise companies require features that go above and beyond basic standard data collection and sharing tools. No-code development platforms that support powerful mobile forms with rich and complex data collection are a must-have for any business ready to take their form building to the next level.

Want to learn more about our latest and greatest form building features? Join us on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 to raise your form building game with our “Tips from the Pros” webinar. Our professional form builders will let you in on their favourite tips and tricks that you can start using today.

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