A success story in streamlining asset inspections and auditing processes

Undertaking regular asset inspections and audits ensures equipment is running as it should. ProntoForms' field team platform helps companies.

Ben Franklin was really onto something when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This statement is highly applicable when it comes to asset management. Undertaking regular asset inspections and audits ensures equipment is running as it should.

Failure to do so comes at too great of a cost to consider otherwise.

Undertaking regular asset inspections and audits ensures equipment is running as it should. ProntoForms' field team platform helps companies
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A successful outcome for your business relies on proper asset management protocols such as routine inspections. Awareness of defects and potential hazards can help you avoid hazardous and expensive situations. For field service leaders who work in the oil and gas industry, noting any discrepancies or issues early can prevent costly turnarounds or shutdowns.

ProntoForms helps companies execute asset inspections and audits with confidence. Our solution ensures you can quickly and easily prove compliance, inspectors and auditors have the information they need, and data becomes actionable throughout the organization.

How ProntoForms helps with asset inspections and audits

ProntoForms’ no-code field team platform is renowned for its ability to streamline asset inspections and audits. Our solution helps field service technicians by providing:

  • asset, job site, and compliance/ safety steps embedded directly into work processes
  • immediate access to updated safety protocols
  • intelligent work guidance that delivers data in context from an organization’s business systems, including EHS and compliance systems
  • and more

Our agile mobile forms app transforms your existing methods for asset inspections and audits. Digital forms on mobile devices allow for rapid data collection and real-time information sharing, streamlining your field tech’s work and ensuring data flows back to your back office rapidly without issue.

A global group of energy and petrochemical companies turned to our team for assistance with their asset inspection and audit processes. The results they obtained are nothing short of transformative.

Use case: Leveling up asset inspection and auditing for a global group of energy & petrochemical companies

The energy and petrochemical industry leader sought help from ProntoForms with several issues within its asset inspection and auditing processes. The challenges they encountered were:

  • Inefficient data capture. Employees and external providers performed inspections and audits using paper forms. Collected information was entered into spreadsheets and then embedded into a master spreadsheet. The organization wanted to improve its systems to improve the quality of data captured in the field.
  • Compliance. The inability to follow numerous compliance regulations throughout the company’s supply chain, CSR and HSSE programs was a threat to the organization. It sought to standardize and centralize regulatory requirements into its process. Also, the organization desired to manage compliance data and reporting with greater accuracy for transparency and accountability.
  • Aging assets. Much of the organization’s equipment is large, expensive, complex, and aging. It faced challenging repair and replacement decisions. In addition, inspection and repair cycles become shorter as these assets age.
  • Highly complex processes. The inspection and audit process for complex assets depends on trained technicians and specialized equipment. With unique protocols for each individual asset, a long trail of paperwork was left that was hard to track and resolve.
  • And more

Results obtained from using ProntoForms for asset inspections and audits

ProntoForms assisted the global energy and petrochemical industry leader in transforming its asset inspection and audit processes.

Several ways the organization has secured favorable outcomes include:

  • Digital transformation. The industry-leading energy and petrochemical organization has obtained increased uptime across job sites with complex service of large extraction assets. It now ensures work is performed offline without missing a beat. Access to richer, deeper data sets the company up to identify potential EHS risks before they occur.
  • Higher quality safety inspections. By taking paper out of the equation, the company has improved the data and evidence that’s captured. Digitization has provided its safety leaders with actionable insights obtained through real-time analytics.
  • Meeting compliance requirements. The organization has incorporated all regulatory and safety standards into its field services business to comply with global, regional, and operation-level compliance requirements.
  • Improved asset life cycle. Based on analytics derived from ProntoForms’ granular inspection and audit results, the asset team can predict when assets need to be replaced. 
  • And more


ProntoForms is easy to deploy and can be done incrementally to fit your unique needs and requirements. The organization we’ve featured in this use case leverages our solution with 130 teams in over fifteen countries, totalling more than 1,600 users. Now that’s a significant impact!

They’ve been making good use of ProntoForms with 1,600+ forms deployed and roughly 154,000 submissions in the past six months.

To learn more about this large-scale deployment of ProntoForms, check out the complete use case. You’ll also get a glimpse of the company’s detailed end-to-end workflow showing the touchpoints for how field data flows through the organization.

Are you ready to discover how we can not only assist in optimizing your asset inspection and auditing processes but also support your company’s EHS, installation and maintenance, and job hazard analysis activities? Let us show you ProntoForms’ field team platform in action. Sign up for a short demo.

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