Stronger together: ProntoForms and leading tech brands transform your business processes


As the leading mobile forms platform, ProntoForms is helping organizations across industries transform their business processes, and we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading tech brands to help our joint customers use innovative mobile solutions to increase productivity, improve service quality, and achieve compliance.

ProntoForms and Apple bring you top-tier business solutions

Our culture is one of constant innovation, so it makes sense that we would partner with one of the world’s most innovative companies.

ProntoForms is a long-standing member of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program (MPP), an initiative to help Apple expand market share for iOS devices in business. In fact, we were among the first group of MPP partners to be identified by Apple. As part of this program, ProntoForms collaborates with Apple to develop white papers, webinars, and other materials that showcase the power of the ProntoForms solution using iOS devices.

Enhance ProntoForms features with iPad Pro

A powerful mobile device can enhance a powerful mobile solution. ProntoForms offers an array of features that help companies streamline business processes and improve service quality, productivity, and compliance. These features are optimized whenever the solution is coupled with a top-tier mobile device.

As showcased in a recent webinar, the flexible ProntoForms solution effortlessly leverages the capabilities of the high-performance iPad Pro. Draw on top of captured images or sketch freehand with great precision using Apple Pencil. Capture stunning images of your products and sketches with the high-quality camera. Show your customers even more of forms, site photos, maps, and product images on the large Retina display.

Leverage the back-office capabilities of ServiceMax

As a certified partner in the ServiceMax Technology Alliance Program, ProntoForms complements the ServiceMax platform by offering customers a greater depth and breadth of mobile app capabilities, providing functionality that is superior to other mobile forms platforms. ServiceMax complements ProntoForms by offering extensive back-office system capabilities, allowing ServiceMax partners to jointly provide a rich and more complete end-to-end solution.

The ServiceMax platform is fundamentally designed using Salesforce. Given the extensive ProntoForms integration capabilities with Salesforce, especially with SF Custom Objects, ProntoForms is able to integrate with most of ServiceMax offerings seamlessly with little or no professional services required. This includes ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce Field Service.

Connect with Box – out of the box

ProntoForms offers out-of-the-box connectivity with a number of cloud services – including Box. It’s easy to set up workflows that automatically store collected data in Box when a field worker submits a form, and a file stored in Box can also be used as a source of data (ex. parts/price lists, customer info, etc.) in mobile forms, improving form completion speed and accuracy. ProntoForms works offline, so your field teams can submit reports from anywhere, in real time.

Secure and configure your devices with VMware AirWatch

Securing your data is one of our top priorities. We have partnered with a number of leading enterprise mobility management vendors – such as VMware AirWatch, which integrates with your existing enterprise systems and allows you to manage all devices – regardless of type, platform, or ownership – from one central service. ProntoForms is a member of the AppConfig Community, a VMware AirWatch initiative dedicated to streamlining the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise apps. The AppConfig standard makes it possible to control a range of parameters inside the ProntoForms Mobile Forms App using enterprise mobility management tools, eliminating the need to ask individual users to manually configure the settings in the ProntoForms app. For instance, IT staff can use their MDM tool to set the camera quality setting in the ProntoForms app to “Medium” rather than “Original,” striking a balance between image quality, form file size, and data transfer costs.

Capture measurements from a photo – with Spike

ProntoForms and Spike are changing the way field workers capture and share measurements. Spike by ikeGPS allows you to take an object’s measurements in real time – including height, width, area, length, and cutout area – just by taking a photo and selecting an area. With the Spike device attached to your phone, measurements are stamped directly onto photos, which are automatically integrated into the mobile form. This powerful combination makes it easy for remote workers to quickly complete and submit detailed customer estimates, work orders, and property inspection reports directly from the field – without climbing ladders and using tape measures.

Maximize fleet productivity – with ProntoForms and Fleet Complete

Combine ProntoForms with Fleet Complete to improve productivity and simplify life on the road for your field teams.

Fleet Complete’s GPS fleet management solutions track the location of your vehicles and mobile workforce in real time, allowing you to achieve compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations as well as reduce costs associated with fuel, insurance, and maintenance. The ProntoForms solution complements Fleet Complete by automating the data collection and reporting of key business processes. Your field workers can effortlessly complete accurate vehicle inspections, trip reports, time sheets, invoices, estimates, and more – directly on phones and tablets.

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