Tablet accessory GoPad maximizes use of ProntoForms in the field

Always on the lookout to make the ProntoForms experience better for our clients, we came across the GoPad, a handy support system that allows for hands-free use of a tablet in the field.

While mobile data solutions are becoming more sophistocated and easier-to-use on location, there’s always room for improvement. In order to effectively use a tablet, one must either be sitting so as to position the tablet on a table or in a lap, or one must hold it with one hand while entering in data with the other hand. Using a tablet in the field is certainly feasible, but now it’s even easier.

Enter GoPad. An accessory that secures the tablet above your waist for easy typing, GoPad consists of a wire around the neck, complete with a tablet support mechanism suspended above the waist.

The other offshoot of the GoPad is that it means you don’t have to buy a protective case for the iPad, since the chances of dropping it is no longer a concern.

We at ProntoForms are all about efficiency and thought that this would be a great item to pass along to mobile workers everywhere.

The GoPad is available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad, both tablets that run the ProntoForms App.

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