The idea of a paperless business is picking up steam

This week on Newsday‘s website, it’s asking readers if a business can truly be paperless. The mere fact that a media outlet is even posing the question tells you how far we have come in the last few years, from a technology perspective.

The question from Newsday is no longer about whether electronic and mobile business solutions can make a given company leaner and more agile. Rather, it’s now about whether we need paper anymore at all – a little ironic since it’s coming from a traditional print media outlet.

Nevertheless, the point is made. Paper is now being looked upon as an albatross, a hindrance in the workflow of companies everywhere.

Back when UPS started rolling out its electronic signature portable devices into the field, we all thought them to be annoying, preferring the mighty pen and paper combo. Fast forward to today, and more and more businesses are switching to mobile data solutions that can not only collect information to instantly send back to the office, but also capture signatures, photos and barcodes.

The sheer idea of lugging out a pack of paper to have to fill out and fax back to the office for transcribing seems so archaic in 2012.

Fortunately, solutions such as ProntoForms are leading the charge in the way of mobile business solutions.

As for that Newsday poll and the idea of zero paper at all? We’ll have to wait for the readers’ results. But one thing’s for certain – paperless is one of the fastest growing business buzz words today.

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