The ProntoForms API can automate and simplify

We all know that a mobile business solution can speed up business processes. But, what if you factor in an Application Programming Interface (API) into the equation? The result is the ability to schedule and automate business tasks, saving organizations even more on time and resources.

With an API, a mobile application truly becomes a part of the business process

Here are some facts about the ProntoForms API:

API Domain – URLs are accessed via the domain

Authentication Method & HTTPS Protocol Support – The API uses basic authentication, chosen for simplicity. All API requests are required to transmit over SSL (HTTPS) to ensure credential security. The HTTP protocol is not supported

Versioning – API URLs contain a version number. This will allow us to upgrade our API in the future while still continuing to support existing API clients

POST & PUT Requests to Create & Update – The POST (for create) and PUT (for update) request methods are used in the API. These method types require the inclusion of a request body in XML or JSON format.

Want more? Click here for more information on the ProntoForms API.

ProntoForms API data provided by Glenn Chenier, ProntoForms Chief Product Officer. 

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