Things are heating up with G2’s Summer 2020 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation

summer 2020 badges

While we might not be hitting the beach these days, we still have some sunny summer news to share! G2, a world leader in peer-to-peer review sites, released its Summer 2020 Grid Report. We’re proud to announce that ProntoForms has, once again, remained as the category leader for Mobile Forms Automation.

G2 reports at a glance

G2 releases Grid® and Index Reports on a quarterly basis, ranking products based on reviews gathered from our user community.

ProntoForms earned the highest satisfaction score among all providers in the Mobile Forms Automation Software category.

Turning up the heat

As organizations are slowly returning to the new normal it’s become clear that achieving digital transformation goals is an integral part of most organization’s 2020 plans.

Our position in G2’s Summer 2020 Grid Report demonstrates ProntoForms’ ability to help customers rapidly build custom workflows that meet these digital objectives.

With a 95% customer satisfaction score based on user ratings—the highest of any mobile forms automation software—ProntoForms continues to provide an easy-to-use, scalable solution for organizations wanting to empower the field.

ProntoForms customer satisfaction score

Our badge sash

Not only were we awarded the highest satisfaction score, we also won enough G2 badges to fill up a Boy Scout’s sash. These badges were awarded based on customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact).

We are proud to have been named G2 Crowd’s G2 Summer 2020:

  • Leader for Mobile Forms Automation Software
  • Best Usability for Mobile Forms Automation Software
  • Best Relationship for Mobile Forms Automation Software
  • High Performer for Low-Code Development Platforms
  • High Performer for Rapid Application Development
ProntoForms' Summer 2020 G2 badges

(Now if only we could get our woodcarving badge, we’d have a complete set.)

What our customers say

Read what some of our customers have to say about ProntoForms in G2:

“The adoption of the tool by my team was the easiest and quickest of any technology solution. It typically takes days of onboarding and criticism by my teams. ProntoForms was minutes for the users to understand.” – ProntoForms User Review (May 2020)

“The ease of this program from the administrative standpoint as well as from a user standpoint is phenomenal. It is so easy and simple to use. It has saved time and money. It is something we are still learning to utilize to our benefit but has already helped in so many aspects of our company. They take all opinions, suggestions, and inquiries seriously and make you feel like your voice really matters.” – ProntoForms user Review (May 2020)

Need more?

ProntoForms is proud to amplify the voices of our customers. See how Purell uses ProntoForms to streamline their processes, train their technicians on workflows, and prepare for the new normal.