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Top 5 mobile form features to deploy in 2013

The page turn of the calendar brings a new month, and with it, a new fiscal year for most businesses. It’s the time of the year when an enterprise will lay out objectives and wish lists for the next 365 days. As the percentage of fully mobilized businesses continues to rise, we thought that we would profile the top five mobile form features for workers in the field.

Of course, this post is all about the mobile form, a tool for smartphones and tablets that allows companies to go paperless and speed up communication and processes in the field.

5. Geo and Time Stamps

For most industries, including transportation and direct store distribution, businesses want to keep track of their employees in the field, as well as ensure that customers are receiving the best service possible. Mobile forms from ProntoForms are equipped with both geo and time stamping capabilities. As soon as a form is completed in the field and instantly sent back to the office, managers are able to verify both the location and time of the mobile form. No more taking the driver’s word or disputing proof-of-delivery with the customer.

4. Signature/Photo/Barcode Capture

Mobile forms can do everything that paper forms can do – and more. There’s no better example of this than the ProntoForms ability to capture signatures, photos and barcodes in mobile forms. Workers can capture customer signatures, snap a photo and integrate it, and scan barcodes and record their data – all within a form.

3. Back Office and Cloud Connectivity

Not only can mobile forms collect field data and instant relay it, but ProntoForms is also integratable with any back office system. In other words, any given mobile form that’s filled out in the field can be connected with a company’s system. Talk about a time and labor saver. In addition, mobile form data can also be sent to popular cloud services, including Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. Send the information to a shared folder in no time.

2. Sketch Pad

For industries like architecture, engineering, construction and any type of inspection, workers on the go used to have to fill out paper forms, and, separately, take pictures of certain work situations. Then, these pictures would have to be uploaded to a computer from a digital camera and printed out before a worker could sketch or indicate information on the image. Finally, the picture would have to be attached to the paper form report. Well, no more. ProntoForms offers sketch pad, a feature that allows mobile device users to draw on a blank canvas, a pre-loaded image (through the Web portal) or on a device image, and then attach it to the mobile form. This feature allows companies to streamline data and have all relevant information in one easy-to-read digital file.

1. Credit Card Processing within a Form

New to ProntoForms, mobile workers can now process credit cards on the spot and close business faster. While mobile credit card processing has been around for a little while now, ProntoForms allows for the acceptance of payments right within a form! This new feature means no dual processes for data collection and payment collection. You’re left with one record for both the data and transaction. Send only one file to accounting and all other departments – and be done with it! Credit card processing with ProntoForms lets industry professionals like HVAC and pest control technicians fill out a work order and invoice, and get paid right away. More than any other, this feature will pay immediate dividends to your bottom line.

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