Top 5 Paper Form Problems

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Rapidly, paper forms are becoming a thing of the past in today’s business world. Mobile forms are now available for virtually every conceivable form purpose. Customizable and the collected data is able to be real-time sent back to the office or shared with team memebers, mobile forms are constantly evolving, becoming more sophistocated and intuitive.

Dynamic features and captures, including geo and time stamps, signature/photo/barcode captures, have helped to better mobilize businesses all over the world.

And yet, there are still some companies that believe operating with paper forms still makes more sense for them. As a result, we present to you:

The Top 5 Paper Form Problems

Illegible forms – Often, in the field, a worker will be pressed for time or simply not in a steady enough position when attempting to fill out a paper form. This can lead to indecipherable handwriting, and thus, inaccurate collected data.

Forms with errors – In addition to poor handwriting, another consequence to hurriedly filled out forms are errors, especially when it comes to calculations. Mobile forms have built-in calculation functionality, significantly lowering the chances of errors in invoicing or estimation.Go paperless

Damaged forms – While mobile forms are conveninently contained within any mobile device and easily sent in to the back office, the contents of paper forms must be transported, or when possible, faxed. Prior to the collected data arriving at its destination, the possibility of forms being damaged is always a mitigating concern.

Less options – Since mobile forms have options such as dropdown menus and pre-filled form fields, paper forms can take a lot more time to fill out

Form transcription – Unlike the real-time communication of data capability of mobile forms, paper forms must be either scanned or manually transcribed into a back office system.

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