Top 5 features of the best mobile forms app

Top 5 features of the best mobile forms app

Great features work to optimize workflow, not clutter it. There are countless mobile forms apps on the market, and many of which have “bells and whistles.” So, what are the most useful features to look for when considering a mobile form app? Here are — in no particular order — the top five features that deliver for the best mobile forms app.

1. Offline availability

If a mobile form is deployed in a forest and no one can complete it, does it count? Whether you’re underground, in a remote area, or — yes — in a forest — your mobile form app needs to work. Offline availability allows field service workers to access data collection forms anywhere and upload to the cloud once a network connection is restored. Inaccessible documents and service interruptions shouldn’t be a built-in feature.

2. Repeatable sections

The best mobile forms help to streamline operations. It’s inefficient to duplicate responses throughout a form. Repeatable sections enable back-end users to create lists with questions, sections, and pre-filled data that can be re-used with a single drag-and-drop.

3. End-to-end data collection software

Idle data is useless data. Built-in analytics ensure that you can leverage the information you collect for key insights. Know when assets require preventative maintenance, spot areas for workflow improvement, and track inventory quickly.

4. Savvy conditional logic

Conditional logic is an important feature for any mobile form app — no ifs, else ifs, or buts about it. Forms with conditional logic adapt to the responses a user inputs. Set parameters that automatically remove or add sections, questions, and fields as you go.

5. Automated workflows

A powerful smart mobile form — once submitted — will automatically trigger a combination of flexible data workflows. Think of it as a way to ensure information doesn’t fall through the cracks as it might with a manual process.

Get the best mobile forms app

Any mobile form app worth its weight in licenses should offer these features. Is it any wonder that ProntoForms and its enterprise-grade low-code application platform is the market leader? Get started today.

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