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iPad for businessOne in three Americans owns a tablet. Moreover, business adoption of the tablet has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Market research firm Gartner says “that business purchases of tablets will more than triple from 13 million units in 2012 to 53 million by 2016.” As tablet capabilities and applications continue to evolve, so too do its business uses. Since Apple made the tablet popular, we thought that we’d feature top business uses for the iPad and other tablets.

Access the cloud

You can’t really bring your desktop with you. And laptops can also be a hassle to lug around. Fortunately, through various Apps such as Dropbox or SharePoint, the average tablet is able to connect to every document that you could ever need. So whether it’s an IT Manager giving a presentation on his latest implementations or a technician that forgot to send a file to a colleague, it can all be accessed and reached with a tablet.

An extra screen

With the help of the right App, you can take advantage of the great picture display of tablets like the iPad and use it as an external monitor. Provided you have the right stand, the iPad can become a wireless screen at your work station – nothing to plug in. Just make sure you charge it well before use.

Data collection and submission

When utilized in the field, a tablet can be a powerful data collection and reporting tool. Rather than filling out paper forms, a digital mobile form looks and feels great on most tablets. Data can be collected, including signatures and photos, and integrated right into a mobile form for easy submission. When you think about all of the ways that mobile forms can save time and money (paper costs, transporting costs, man hours associated with transcribing paper forms, etc), it’s no wonder that their adoption within business processes continues to grow.

The new sales brochure

iPad business useInstead of lugging around boxes of paper brochures, more and more marketing and sales professionals are relying on tablets to show customers their brochures. The latest tablets allow for page turn gestures and feature incredible resolution, making for a great way to present information to a client. Then, once the brochure is shown, the tablet can then simply email the material right away to the interested customer. This way, the client can’t say they lost your business card.

As an added bonus, you don’t have to break your back carrying around heavy boxes of printed brochures.

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