What are automated HVAC installation and maintenance checklists?

Automated HVAC installation and maintenance checklists are being used more often in the field.

Smart mobile device checklists for HVAC installation and maintenance are a core tool used by growing numbers of commercial contractors and technicians.

Whether accessed by a cellphone or tablet, a digital HVAC preventative maintenance checklist makes sure service is completed correctly. Arriving at a customer site, the technician logs onto, for example, a furnace maintenance checklist and follows the tasks and inspection points that need to be completed, step-by-step.  

The same applies to an HVAC installation checklist. A robust, high-quality mobile form will spell out everything that needs to be done check point by check point. And as a technician works through an installation, they also have direct access to system manuals and troubleshooting information. This resource feature is especially helpful for newcomers to the HVAC installation and maintenance industry.

Why HVAC installation checklists are so important

What makes these digital forms so valuable is that they can be designed and built by the very people who know the equipment and processes best. Simple, intuitive drop-down menus make it easy to create forms without any formal coding background.  A standard HVAC preventative maintenance checklist template from ProntoForms can also be customized for unique equipment and system service protocols.

Smart HVAC installation checklists and inspection and service checklists are used to validate and confirm that work has been performed to standard. Technicians can add photos, diagrams, audio and video recordings, and notes to highlight observations or concerns. This rich operational data is transferred in real-time from the field, to field management, and across departments. The information can also be leveraged as a communications interface with customers.

Companies like Johnson Controls have found that by using checklists from ProntoForms, the number of call-backs drop, and first-time fix rates improve.

HVAC maintenance checklists turn data into actionable information

The HVAC industry is under pressure unlike anything ever seen before.

  • Because of COVID 19, the dangerous contagion that defined 2020, hospitals, schools, commercial centers, manufacturing facilities, office towers, and residential buildings require ventilation systems that deliver healthier indoor air quality.
  • With climate change on the minds of many, and an estimated 50% of HVAC systems in the U.S. operating inefficiently, regulatory agencies like the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) want to see equipment operate with the lowest emission output possible.
  • Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses facing every indoor environment. Facility owners and operators want to balance the comfort and wellbeing of occupants with energy efficiency.
  • And of course, when an HVAC system falters in the frigid chill of winter or stifling heat of summer, timing is paramount. Those responsible for built environments want assets to operate with minimal downtime.  

Smart HVAC maintenance checklists make it easier and faster for technicians to do their job by having the information needed right there in the palm of their hands – on their mobile device. They’re able to complete an inspection, or troubleshoot and resolve a problem quickly, and become a trusted customer ally as a result.

Information is captured in the field in real-time, as the work is being done. Detailed records of inspections and service calls are securely transmitted through mobile devices connected to your company’s cloud service and backend systems.

Before-and-after HVAC installation checklist details and service documentation provide a transparent way to keep customers informed and regulatory bodies like the EPA satisfied.  

Tracked and traced actions create a historical database that can flag trends, improve predictive maintenance accuracy, and result in fewer HVAC system failures.  

And perhaps most importantly, you can use analytical insights to identify gaps and opportunities, and guide decision-making across the organization.

For more information about HVAC preventative maintenance checklist templates, HVAC installation checklist templates, customization options, and other smart field service forms from ProntoForms, book a demo.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, April 1, 2021
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