Zinc, ServiceMax, ProntoForms: The Field Technician’s Trifecta

The field technician's technician

If you’re a current user of ServiceMax in the field — or are considering it — there’s a new reason to celebrate.

This year, to expand its Service Execution Management platform, ServiceMax acquired real-time enterprise communications software Zinc. This acquisition seeks to fill the historical communication gap between technicians and office teams.

It’s critical to ensure open and fast lines of communication. A recent study by Field Technologies Online found that a staggering 90% of respondents consider real-time communications as either mission-critical (50%) or very important (40%) to their field workflows.

And if field service communication channels are key to successful fieldwork, Zinc is poised to truly improve operations.

Streamlining group communications

Zinc’s addition to ServiceMax supercharges an already stacked field service management software. At its core, Zinc makes communication in the field simple. Technicians can connect to the office, experienced technicians, or a network of experts with the touch of a button. This positively impacts speed of resolution, increases customer retention, and improves customer satisfaction.

Including rich media like voice, video, or text in real-time is especially helpful for service managers who want visibility into their line of business. Zinc also sends automated messages directly to the service managers with embedded links to the ServiceMax records that support the job performed in the field. This provides further context to real-time communication.

ProntoForms and Zinc

Paired with ServiceMax’s ProntoForms integration makes Zinc’s capabilities even more powerful.

In ProntoForms, app builders can include a help function through Zinc for technicians to use while completing a form or checklist. The help function takes two forms: AI-enabled chatbots in Zinc can answer queries or subject-matter experts inside the company can provide their expertise. Technicians no longer have to play phone tag or sift through inboxes looking for missing information.

Once a form is submitted, an update is posted to a Zinc group tracked by Field Service Operations stakeholders. Imagine an inspection where a safety violation has occurred. Real-time updates help prompt immediate attention and action. Zinc keeps everyone up-to-date and aligned towards improving safety and end-customer experience.

With robust use cases and the ability to improve field processes, Zinc is an exciting addition to the ServiceMax toolbox.

“Our partnership with ServiceMax includes a seamless integration and tools that enable first-rate field execution,” said Huberto Garza, Partner Manager at ProntoForms. “ProntoForms is a low-code application platform that empowers field workers to collect, store, and share critical data. Zinc’s real-time communications software has created an opportunity for ServiceMax to improve how knowledge is shared. This is big for organizations that want to bolster their field teams and, by extension, improve customer satisfaction.”

Curious how ProntoForms, Zinc, and ServiceMax work together to form the ultimate field technician’s trifecta? Book ademo and find out!

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