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ProntoForms significantly expands cloud connectivity and form dispatching

New expansion of cloud connectivity allows businesses to leverage more cloud solutions and deploy mobile forms more rapidly

Sept. 10, 2013 - ProntoForms Corporation, maker of ProntoForms®, the world's leading mobile form solution for smartphones and tablets, has introduced a series of new data destinations, including connectivity to Amazon Web Services, Zendesk and SMS destinations. In addition, new Web-based and automatic dispatching features further streamline workflows by allowing forms to be dispatched from a mobile device or the ProntoForms Web Portal. With these new options, users can now do more with collected mobile data, from the field or any work location.

"ProntoForms continues to innovate, evolve and expand our solution and best in class platform. By offering the most robust dispatching and connectivity options, ProntoForms continues to demonstrate that its mobile form application and platform is the top choice for any organization looking to improve its business processes." said Alvaro Pombo, ProntoForms Founder and CEO. "The range of connectivity options, from simple consumer-oriented cloud services to complex enterprise services and applications using the ProntoForms API, make the platform immediately accessible to organizations of all sizes."

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Destinations and Dynamic Data Sources
    The ProntoForms Amazon Simple Storage Service dynamic data source can fetch source files (CSV, XML or JSON) from an Amazon S3 Storage bucket. The S3 data destination allows secure storage of mobile form documents (PDF, DOCX, HTML) and data files (XML, JSON) to an Amazon Web Services account. The Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) enables a number of notification and integration options, ranging from email and mobile push to complex integrations with enterprise systems and other AWS services.
    "ProntoForms data destination support for Amazon SNS and S3 enables use of the full range of AWS Application Services, including the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Workflow Service (SWS)", said Glenn Chenier, ProntoForms VP of Research and Development. "This is a key enabler for customers who want to use the cloud for more than just infrastructure, and want to take advantage of the capabilities and cost-savings offered by cloud-based application services."
  • Zendesk Data Destination
    Device users can configure mobile forms to automatically create a Zendesk support ticket for faster issue reporting and resolution.
  • SMS (Text Message) Data Destination
    Mobile form submissions can now generate a text message notification via an SMS Data Destination with a filter that can identify and highlight important form submissions.
  • Web-based Interface for Dispatching
    Administrators can now enter the data for a mobile form dispatch directly into a ProntoForms Web Portal page.
  • Dispatch Data Destination
    Submission of a mobile form can be set up to automatically dispatch a second form. Device users can now dispatch a filled out form to another user in addition to the back office and other main data destinations.

"A Web interface for dispatching was one of the features most requested by smaller customers, and administrators who occasionally send an urgent dispatch to the field," explained Chenier.

"For some time now, customers have been enjoying the ability to bulk dispatch via CSV file upload, and to integrate dispatching with their back office systems through the ProntoForms API. The ability to compose a dispatch from the Web portal rounds out these options and makes dispatching even simpler. Automatic dispatching was another common customer request. This feature makes simple approval workflows possible on the ProntoForms platform."

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About ProntoForms® and ProntoForms Corporation

ProntoForms is a mobile workflow solution used by over 2,500 business customers to collect, receive and submit data in the field. Available for smartphones and tablets, the ProntoForms solution incorporates a mobile device App, a Web management portal to manage teams and data flow, and provides the ability to export or connect data to the back office or to popular cloud services.

ProntoForms Corporation, formerly TrueContext Mobile Solutions Corporation, has a powerful and proprietary patent portfolio, from which the ProntoForms mobile App and Web reporting portal have been developed. The company trades on the TSXV under the symbol PFM. ProntoForms is the registered trademark of ProntoForms Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProntoForms Corporation.

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