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A structured approach for designing, building, and launching your mobile solution

Most of our customers need help getting started. Our team can help you quickly build your first forms, configure your workflows, and set up your dashboards. We offer affordable setup packages for projects of all sizes - the best way to fast-track your deployment and get your ProntoForms solution up and running quickly.

Launch on time and within budget with our proven methodology

We break our projects into five (5) key Implementation phases before handing off to our Support and Customer Success teams:

Concept & Requirements gathering

This is the most important phase of the project where we identify key stakeholders, list deliverables, and define the success criteria of the project. Your participation and collaboration here is the key to success.

During the kick-off call we will explore, identify and document your existing business processes, your data output requirements, and any integrations or data sources that we can leverage to optimize your business process.

Together we will establish deployment timeframes and the associated milestones. By the end of the call we will have a clear definition of scope and have a draft project plan.

Solution Architecture

During the solution architecture phase, we will evaluate the complexity of the Project and provide best practice recommendations to take full advantage of our solution's capabilities.

Together we will explore opportunities for workflow optimization and evaluate risks that may impact timelines.

Solution Development

We offer a highly transparent development process with regular touch points and open lines of communication.

Field Testing

The testing phase covers the iterative & interactive review cycle; completion of optional user and administration training; mutual-based Acceptance; and deployment to production activities/planning.

Final Acceptance

All stakeholders are encouraged to participate in each stage of the Implementation to ensure that the success criteria are met and that we've met or exceeded your expectations for this project.

Implementation Timeline
Sample timeline for a Pro Setup package with a medium-high complexity project
Implementation Timeline

Estimation & Scoping

When starting a project, it is important to understand its size and scope.
We measure the complexity of a Mobile form project by two key elements:
Form Design
Form Design
The form's design is the first element to consider, and it focuses primarily on the type and number of elements that you will include. Comprehensive features like Conditional Logic, Repeatable sections and Score calculation make for shorter and more powerful forms, but could increase the amount of time required to build them. We have divided them into three categories:
  1. Standard complexity form designs have less than 100 questions and do not require advanced scoring or calculations.
  2. Medium complexity form designs will have more elements and advanced features. They will generally have repeatable and nested repeatable sections, advanced conditional logic and scoring with more complex calculations.
  3. Complex form designs leverage the power of all features available and have many pages and questions. Most of the time, these forms will serve multiple functions with the power of advanced conditional logic.
Workflow Design
Workflow Design
The workflow is where the full power of ProntoForms is realized. Custom Document Outputs, Data Routing, Mobile-to-Mobile dispatching, REST API, Data Destinations and Data Record Editing are just some of the features that you can leverage while planning and building your mobile workflow. .Here are some guidelines:
  1. Basic workflows allow you to store your data into No-code cloud connections like Google, Box and SharePoint. Manual dispatching can be setup via the web portal or Bulk Dispatching via CSV upload.
  2. Advanced complexity workflows will allow you to leverage the use of dispatching via REST API and Mobile-to-Mobile dispatching. These workflows can also dispatch into repeatable sections and even dispatch images to a field technician. They may also include a Custom Output Document in many popular. Data Routing allows sophisticated controls on form submission and organization.
  3. Complex workflows use all the above features and allow for data record editing. You can correct the mistakes in submitted forms (user initiated) or dispatch submitted forms back to the field technician for correction.

Statement of Work

Once the complexity of a project is understood, we will estimate the level of effort required via a Statement of Work artifact. For example, a Basic workflow with a simple form layout can generally be delivered within just a few days, whereas an Enterprise level workflow with Complex form elements can require up to 4-6 weeks, allowing time for adequate field testing. The Statement of Work will outline the findings from the collaborative Requirements Gathering and Solution Architecture phases.

Setup packages for deployments

Fast track your deployment, we handle projects of all sizes
Get started within 5 days
Build and deploy your first mobile workflow
  • Standard form building
  • Basic workflow configuration
  • Productivity dashboard set-up
one-time cost
Transform your business in 3 weeks
Build powerful workflows that simplify complex business process
  • Complex form building
  • Advanced workflow configuration
  • Productivity dashboard set-up
one-time cost
Integrated IT
Integrate IT architecture in 6 weeks
Integrate mobile workflows into IT/Enterprise architecture
  • Complex form building
  • Integrated enterprise workflows
  • Enterprise business dashboards
one-time cost
While a Setup Package is strongly recommended, it is possible for experienced customers to configure the solution themselves.
Delivery timelines are contingent on customer availability.
"I really challenged your team to get outside of the box and put together something unique and they were always committed to saying ‘let’s see what we can come up with!"

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