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PrimoHoagies Case Study

ProntoForms for Restaurant Inspection

"The processes were bogging us down, some field workers and corporate management personnel were asking for a better solution. We were introduced to ProntoForms."

- Eric Bonner, Senior Field Manager, PrimoHoagies

One big bite for efficiency

The great challenge of any established name in the restaurant industry is to maintain consistency, especially as it continues to grow. This is certainly true for PrimoHoagies, a big name in the sandwich restaurant business. With over 80 stores to oversee, PrimoHoagies corporate management have its hands full, to say the least.

In order to maintain this consistency from store to store, a major emphasis is placed on quality control.

“We have several field representatives that visit all of our stores. Each rep will cover four or five stores in a given day, generating a high volume of reports,” offers Eric Bonner, PrimoHoagies Senior Field Manager.

PrimoHoagies field workers report on anything and everything, including the weight and sandwich consistency of each store’s sandwiches, as well as the customer service and cleanliness of each location. The restaurant brand has its own unique way of serving its customers and quality control is the best way to ensure the name of PrimoHoagies is in good standing across the board.

“The processes were bogging us down, some field workers and corporate management personnel were asking for a better solution. We were introduced to ProntoForms.”

A mobile business solution provider that eliminates paper forms and digitizes processes, ProntoForms works on any mobile device and helps to deliver real-time reporting and results. Traditional paper reports are customized and placed on mobile devices. Field workers can fill out reports, including integrating signatures, photos and barcodes, and can send them off to head office instantly, tying in with office back systems. There’s no transcribing necessary.

“We currently have ProntoForms on our iPhones in the field. The fact that we are able to take store managers’ signatures right on the mobile form was a big factor in us going with ProntoForms.”

Bonner and company are also making use of the ProntoForms ability to connect with most major cloud services, allowing the sharing and accessing of data.”

“Field reps are now able to access and share documents with each other and with head office through ProntoForms’ connectivity. We have been able to create specific report folders for each store. Our team can access previous reports on a given store while being on site. It’s been a great help.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about patron satisfaction for PrimoHoagies and its entire team. Through finding ProntoForms, PrimoHoagies can now better concentrate on the meat of its operations.


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