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Electrical Work Order Forms Go Mobile with ProntoForms

Skilled electricians are in demand everywhere – homes, schools, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and more. When installing, repairing or maintaining complex systems, electricians need to focus on the job, not on managing stacks of electrical work order forms, inspections, and checklists. Empower your field workers to do the jobs they were hired to do and eliminate costly, error-prone paperwork by using a mobile solution from ProntoForms.

ProntoForms offers electricians more than digital versions of paper-based forms. Our automated workflows let you connect people in the field with the back office, electronically dispatch work orders to the field, provide critical up-to-the minute information, and automatically share data with colleagues, back-office systems, and cloud services. 

Benefits of ProntoForms for electricians: 

  • Real-time work order form dispatch and submission, with no unnecessary trips to the office 
  • Intuitive, automated invoicing and payment collection with on-device credit card processing
  • On-the-go data access and look-up tables enable techs to view up-to-date information, e.g. part numbers and pricing
  • Embed photos & sketches directly into forms and reports
  • Proof of service and arrival with on-device signature capture and time and GPS location stamping 
  • Ready-made forms available in the ProntoForms Library, including electrical work order forms, inspection checklists, electrical hazard forms, time-sheets and more

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"Conservatively, ProntoForms is saving our teams half an hour per day. That's $25,000 a month."
Travis Vought, Vice President
VFC Lightning Protection