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ProntoForms For iPad – The Best Mobile Forms Solution For Your Business

Many of today’s paper-based business tasks can be performed much faster by taking pictures, scanning barcodes, adding date/time stamps, and recording signatures to confirm authenticity. 

Imagine being able to do all this, while also being able to electronically share important information with colleagues and automatically store the data on one device. Now you can. 

ProntoForms for iPad combines the best of both worlds: two user- friendly, best-in-class products that complement one another perfectly to improve business processes. 

The ProntoForms mobile app for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) offers these key features and more: 

  • Works offline. ProntoForms works on your iPad (or any mobile device) from anywhere – even offline. Data is automatically saved and your work is uploaded and filed as soon as you are back online 
  • Push Notifications. Know immediately when a dispatch has been sent 
  • 3D Touch Peek and Pop. 3D Touch allows users to preview files without actually opening them. Press lightly on the ProntoForms icon to preview a destination – no need to click between files to get the information you want 
  • Image Annotation. ProntoForms features several drawing tools so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

ProntoForms has both standard and custom forms suitable for all industries – and all available on iPad and iPhone. Contact us today to get started.

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"Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all of management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour."
Christina Lindstrom, Health and Safety Manager