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ProntoForms: The Best in Mobile Data Collection Software

The days of frustrating heaps of paper forms being hauled back and forth from field to office are over. More and more businesses are instead opting for ProntoForms, a mobile data collection software. 

By taking your business mobile, you can capture better data, have more organized records, and save man hours both in the field and in the office. That means you can invest more time and money growing your business.

Here are a few of the reasons to choose ProntoForms:

  • Efficient and Rich Data Collection: Mobile forms allow you to capture richer data. You can attach photos, indicate points of interest within photos, scan barcodes to collect additional data, include GPS and time-stamps, and much more.
  • Data Delivery: Trigger email or text notifications to different recipients based on the answers collected in a completed form. The data can be branded for customer consumption, or tailored for internal eyes only.
  • Analytics: Delve into your data and uncover significant trends, identify key issues, and spot important correlations. You can create customized dashboards to easily keep track of any data you are interested in.

Choose from a wide selection of customisable templates, or create your own forms with our intuitive online form builder.

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"The Analytics dashboards provide the information and analysis we need to make credible, data-driven recommendations for operational process improvements."
Jared Agan, VP of Operations
The Matworks