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At ProntoForms, We Take Great Care in Preserving the Security of your Data

At ProntoForms, we understand how important it is for digital form collection softwares to carefully safeguard your data. 

We closely follow the recommendations offered by respected organizations like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Cloud Service Alliance (CSA), and the SANS Institute.

Here are some of the additional actions ProntoForms takes to ensure your confidence and comfort with the security of your data:

  • Third-Party Audits: On a bi-annual basis, we contract third-party penetration tests. These help us identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities. In addition, we routinely self-audit the security of our operating environments.
  • Background Checks: Every new member of the ProntoForms team is subject to a pre-hire criminal background check. 
  • Encryption: We take great care in preserving the security of your data. One of the techniques we use to this end is data encryption. Data moving between our native application and cloud systems is encrypted in transit using SSL, while data on our servers is encrypted with AES-256.

We also offer a number of features to help you increase your data's security internally, with single sign-on and customizable permiossions key among them.

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"Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all of management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour."
Christina Lindstrom, Health and Safety Manager