Techniques for Collecting Data

Capture Rich Data Quickly with ProntoForms!

Paper forms are expensive and time consuming. That's why more and more businesses are going digital and choosing ProntoForms, the global mobile forms leader.

With ProntoForms, you can capture better data, and capture it quickly. It will save you hours of administrative work each week, and your records will be more organized than ever - meaning your jobsites will be more productive and compliant.

Here are a few techniques for collecting data using ProntoForms:

  • Go Mobile: Fill forms anywhere, using your mobile device. No internet connectivity in the field? No problem! Just fill and submit the form as usual, and it will update as soon as you're back online.
  • Intuitive Layout: ProntoForms has streamlined its user interface to maximize ease of use. Familiar features such as drop-down menus make it user friendly for anyone, and device-native controls minimize training time required. 
  • Harness Technology: Opting for digital forms opens the door to a new frontier in data gathering. Easily include and edit photos, insert GPS and time stamps, scan barcodes, take signatures, or access past data within the form for richer data.
  • AnalyticsWith ProntoForms' analytics integration, analyze your current and legacy data. This presents many opportunities, from tracking productivity and customer satisfaction to unearthing core problems behind present and potential issues.

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"With ProntoForms, we were able to deploy mobile forms into the field relatively easily, utilizing them in several areas, including for accident reports that are sent to safety officers, as well as pre and post trip reports that are sent to mechanics. We now have a trackable trail for everything that we do on job sites."
Mike Horvath, IT Manager