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Facility manager is one of the widest-branching jobs out there. Mountains of continuous responsibilities, from HVAC to custodial services, not to mention strict regulatory standards, aging assets, and high expectations for cost cutting all top your to-do list. 

That’s why more and more of today’s facility managers are choosing ProntoForms, a tool that helps you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. With a mobile form solution, you’ll easily keep track of your facilities' needs and maintain compliant to every regulation they're beholden to. 

Here are a few of the many helpful features you’ll find with ProntoForms: 

  • Mobile Forms: Wave goodbye to the unnecessary expense and inconvenience of paper forms. Using ProntoForms, create, dispatch, complete, and submit forms from a phone, tablet or desktop. That means that no matter where your technicians are or what issues they encounter, they will have all the forms and all the information they need right on their mobile devices.
  • Capture Rich Data: When filling forms from a mobile device, add and edit photos, generate GPS and timestamps, record audio, and more. This will allow field techs to clearly indicate points of concern on a machine or location, as well as keep detailed records of maintenance work.
  • Access Existing Data: Easily access data gathered from past forms in the field or in the office. This proves useful in tracking compliance with certain regulatory standards or for keeping track of facility maintenance.

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"ProntoForms was extremely easy to deploy, and worked right away with our Android devices. It was also simple to tie to our backend systems."
Dave Herbert, Mechanical IT Manager
Gateway Mechanical