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Streamline Data Collection with Wireless Forms from ProntoForms

As a business owner, you have to balance costs and efficiency - but you shouldn't have to choose.

As a leader in automated mobile workflows, ProntoForms has the solution your business needs. By simply making the shift from paper to wireless forms, workers in the field are able to digitally collect and analyze data in real time with mobile devices, and automatically share their findings with back-office systems, cloud services, and colleagues. 

Our wireless forms are intuitive, offering the familiarity of paper forms with none of the waste and an incredible number of advantages, including:

  • Reports and Analytics: See where your strengths and weaknesses are with data breakdowns for everything from work hours to training levels and safety checklists.
  • Rich Media: Wireless digital forms allow for the easy inclusion of audio clips, photo attachment and editing, use of barcodes, digital signatures. GPS and time stamps are automatically recorded for increased worker visibility and accountability.
  • Customization: Get started with our online selection of hundreds of customizable form templates, and incorporate your company logo and colours in the app, on your documents, and in the online portal. 

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"Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all of management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour."
Christina Lindstrom, Health and Safety Manager