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Compliance is Key: How Philips uses Low-Code Apps to Meet Ever-Changing Regulations

Acing compliance and meeting complex, ever-changing regulations can feel like a moving target for most medical device manufacturing organizations. At Phillips Healthcare, low-code apps are part of their solution for ensuring technicians automatically complete work in-compliance and that potential audits are painless.

Curious how they do it? Join Russell Girton, Director Maintenance Services and Technical Innovation at Philips and Marty Gowling, VP of Customer Success at ProntoForms as they dive deep into exactly how Philips uses ProntoForms to service some of the most stringently regulated assets on the planet.

Key learnings:

  • How Phillips Healthcare uses low-code apps to ensure technician compliance
  • The importance of being able to update hundreds of forms with a few clicks
  • Why improving the service of complex medical assets is critical
  • How to achieve compliant and auditable data


Russell Girton Photo
Russell Girton
Director of Maintenance Services & Technical Innovation
Marty Gowling Photo
Marty Gowling
VP of Customer Success

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