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Strategic Planning for 2022 featuring Purell, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and Elekta

Featuring a powerful roster of field service leaders

Robert Pelz
Robert Pelz
VP, Supply Chain Customer Services
Linda Tucci
Linda Tucci
Sr. Global Director, Technical Solutions Center
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers
Director of IT Solutions EU
John Carroll
John Carroll
Service Council
Mark Scott
Mark Scott
VP, Marketing

As 2021 draws to an end, it's important to reflect on the last 12 months and look towards what 2022 has in store. It's the ideal time to strategize for the year ahead, measure efforts against accomplishments, celebrate your success, and learn from failure.

Join a stacked panel that brings together field service leaders from GOJO/Purell, Ortho Clinal Diagnostics, and Elekta to talk top priorities as they head into 2022. This free virtual event will give you a front-row seat as you gain insights and listen to a few predictions about what lies ahead for organizations with field service teams.


What to expect from this session:

  • The primary lessons learned from 2021
  • The key strategic initiatives you need to embark on to address your organization's immediate needs
  • How technology figures into achieving successful outcomes
  • Where to invest your money and time
  • The impact data has on delivering optimal experiences
  • How to operationalize your strategic plan
The talks were a Zoom-hosted event that happened on December 9th, 2021
From directors to technicians, if you're in field service, it's for you!

The recorded session