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ProntoForms Streamlines Success for FLNG Facility

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4.8 mths

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work hours saved per year

ProntoForms is the global leader in no-code app development platforms for field teams. In Nucleus Research's ROI Case Study, our company was recognized for delivering substantial benefits for a Floating Liquid Natural Gas Facility (FLNG).

Nucleus Research is a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services. Its case studies accurately quantify ROI using the same diligence and approach financial decision-makers use to ensure credibility. Insight into the precise value that a technology solution provides and its potential returns is obtained through Nucleus Research's ROI Case Study.

Improved business agility through digitization

A floating liquid natural gas facility (FLNG) facility increased its return on investment by 332% and had a payback period of 4.8 months after implementing ProntoForms. Before ProntoForms, the FLNG used a legacy solution and paper-based forms, causing issues with metric tracking, slow inspections, and leading to potential operational shutdowns.

With ProntoForms, the facility digitized its form processes, reducing technician travel expenses and saving 3,000 work hours per year. The implementation also gave non-technical users access to reporting and analytics capabilities on multiple devices and across business processes.

Key benefits gained from ProntoForms include:

  • Improved operational agility. Reduced costs through eliminating reliance on vendor and third-party consultants.
  • Reduced operational costs. Eliminated various travel expenses as it no longer needed to send technicians to gather data for safety inspections.
  • Increased engineer productivity. FLING engineers can attach media files quickly without re-entering paper notes, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Improved organizational visibility. The facility consolidated thousands of safety inspections from paper to digital and centralized them into a single view with analytics and metric tracking capabilities, allowing management to identify trends and improve their operations simultaneously.


According to Nucleus Research

Direct benefits quantified include reduced spend on travel and third-party consulting services. Indirect benefits quantified include reduced customer churn from improved safety reporting, increased profits from new lines of business, and time savings for clerks from eliminated data entry. The improved productivity benefit is multiplied by a correction factor to account for the inefficient transfer of time between time saved and additional time spent working.

Support your field teams

If you're a service-driven enterprise, we've built and tested our field team platform specifically for your organization's needs. Download this ROI case study to learn how deploying ProntoForms can help you rapidly automate your processes, save you money, and increase your revenue-generating capabilities.

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