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Boost field service productivity through high-accuracy installations

Deliver context to medical device technicians for mission-critical tasks

A global manufacturer of medical devices used in interventional specialties turned to ProntoForms to overcome productivity challenges with its installation procedures.

Assets installed in 6 months
Traceability of field data


Complex, specialized devices

Each device in the medical field is complex and requires extreme precision to install with a unique multi-step process. The company wanted a solution to standardize, support and scale complex installation checklists.

Strict compliance requirements

Medical equipment is subject to ever-changing regulation across various territories. In addition, each device is uniquely configured based on specific compliance rules, such as calibration thresholds. The company needed a solution that could be deployed across multiple jurisdictions while meeting the strict regulatory requirements of each country.

Global workforce with diverse experience

With hundreds of engineers working in 28 countries across four continents, the medical device manufacturer required a scalable solution to accelerate field productivity. The solution needed to manage complex checklists across iOS and Windows devices in multiple languages.

Need for sophisticated checklists

The medical device manufacturer required a digital solution to capture rich data in the field, incorporate training materials and support complex checklists with decision trees and conditional logic.



The PLM System manages asset lifecycle updates and interacts with ServiceMax and ProntoForms Mobile App. ProntoForms Cloud features form and integration builders, user management, and document creation. The system syncs inputs and outputs, manages form submissions and resources, and updates ServiceMax and SharePoint List records, as well as CRM system records related to field service and activities. It also receives updated asset lifecycle details from the CRM system.
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With ProntoForms, the global medical device manufacturer dramatically improved its installation capabilities. They generated positive business results in several key areas, including:
Support across geographies

The medical device manufacturer has deployed over 40 unique workflows in six months, with each built in both English and German. The company is in the process of deploying ProntoForms in 17 other languages around the world.

Seamless integration

With ProntoForms’ out-of-the-box integration with ServiceMax and Salesforce, the manufacturer easily deployed complex forms quickly and within budget.

Expanded capabilities

The company uses ProntoForms to scale its installation checklists to hundreds of field technicians globally. Hundreds of technicians successfully installed over 2,000 complex medical devices in six months. Devices are installed within the allotted timeframe while maintaining the company’s high standards for customer service.

Custom app management

The company now limits what forms are shared with techs by leveraging customized app management processes. Employees access only the most current version of a form, avoiding any version confusion or potential errors.

Full traceability of data

Complex checklists help the medical device company accurately capture data across various product lines and geographies. With automatic date and geo-location stamping, ProntoForms ensures the data recorded is traceable. Each form is enabled to capture technician and customer information to ensure accountability.

Heightened productivity

ProntoForms’ ability to securely capture information offline helps hundreds of field service engineers successfully install complex medical devices in remote locations with poor internet access.

Compliance and audits

The company stays compliant with ProntoForms, using guidelines to ensure all data captured in the field meets the unique regulatory requirements of each country it has a presence in.


Automate productivity in the field with intelligent, adaptive workflows

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