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Automate compliance by transforming your preventive maintenance process

Maximize uptime of your medical assets through every stage of the lifecycle with contextual workflows

A Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer streamlines its approach to maintaining assets with field intelligence
in efficiency-driven
cost savings
15 min.
time saved
per tech per case



Each device has multi-step standard operating processes that field service technicians are required to recognize and follow. The company wanted to standardize its comprehensive checklists for use by techs of any skill level.

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The company needed the right analytics and reporting tools to gain actionable insights.


With over 20,000 employees spread across 70 countries, the organization needed a scalable solution that could be rapidly deployed across various geographies.


The company was required to comply with complex regulatory requirements established by different authorities across multiple countries.

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Rigid systems

The manufacturer’s field services operation still relied on manual processes such as paper or semi-digitized forms, resulting in potential errors and improper version control.


Field engineers use the ProntoForms mobile app to submit preventative maintenance forms, which are seamlessly integrated into the company's work order management system. The tool plugs into the existing technology stack with zero disruptions, populating the entire system with consistent technician activity and asset data. This optimizes maintenance tasks and streamlines the work order management process.

“The biggest benefit for our field engineers was they didn’t have to enter the data that’s already in ServiceMax because ProntoForms can pull it automatically. In addition, all our service test procedures are now automated and the data gets automatically sent to a database when a Field Engineer completes their service work. That alone is saving us 15 minutes per case.”


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With a ProntoForms deployment, the medical device manufacturer has improved its field services operations specifically for preventive maintenance and inspection. They have generated positive business outcomes in several key areas:
Compliance and audits
Built-in security features such as SOC 2 compliance, pass-through handover, digital signature, GPS location tracking, etc., help the organization meet changing regulatory needs. It’s easy to meet traceability, accountability, and data integrity standards needed to offer aftermarket services aligned with GxP guidelines and FDA Part-11 ERES compliance. Additionally, it makes it easy to maintain quality control standards such as ISO 13485 and The Joint Commission (TJC) guidelines.
Cost savings
The manufacturer’s field services team has become more efficient by eliminating repeat work, saving over 15 minutes per case or approximately $700K. Better preventive maintenance translates to longer economic life for capital-intensive assets lifetime and improved service call efficiency.
Data integrity
The company now relies upon mistake-proof data entry and can easily find gaps in their processes. The organization is able to deploy calibrated tools into their process while making sure the forms are designed according to the exact steps and validation process used. Features like automatic geo-stamping means they can maintain data traceability easily.
Rapid quotes
Before the deployment, the team would spend time on emails and calls back and forth to populate Excel, Word, or PDF forms. For example, the company had a list of corporate accounts in an Excel spreadsheet which was not tracked in their system of record and was labour-intensive for inside sales to maintain. With ProntoForms, the field services team now gets professional forms that require a minimum set of data to be closed.

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