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Workflow Analytics Service Add-on

Enterprise-grade analytics for extended field visibility

Workflow analytics is a multi-dimensional and multi-workflow analysis using dashboards and reports, with user-defined filters and powerful ad-hoc capabilities. Analyze historical data to measure the effectiveness of your business processes, workflows, and quality against targets.

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Analytics implementation gurus at your service

The Workflow Analytics package comes with direct access to our analytics service setup team. Let our implementation gurus do the heavy lifting, leverage their experience to bring all your business analytics dreams to life, in record time.

Their expertise? Connecting data collected in the field by technicians to world-class Analytics.

What do you get? Deep business insights that enable you to quickly identify potential performance improvements.

Implementation Packshot
Dive deeper into collected data.
Solve problems across workflows.
Improve overall business performance.
Answer questions like:
  • Who are our most satisfied customers and what service delivery practices should we be duplicating across the organization?
  • What is our overall compliance score? Does it get better or worse every year?
  • How many SLA-related tasks do we have to perform this period?

Only need to analyze a single workflow?

Submission Analytics
Gain deeper insight into a workflow with custom at-a-glance dashboards.
"(Over 50 apps deployed) In the past, if I had to deploy an app without that flexible technology, it would take months and a minimum of $300,000."

Buddy Saucier
VP, HVAC Service

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