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A trusted partner in your business transformation

Deployment success through a 5-step methodology

Over 3,000 customers have trusted us with the transformation of their business.
Our methodology lets us offer predictable deployments with fixed costs and a clear timeline.
Deployments: Plan
Deployments: Implement
Deployments: Connect
Deployments: Scale
Deployments: Optimize

Questions you should answer at this stage

  • What business challenges are you hoping to solve?
  • Which workflows do you want to convert to ProntoForms?
  • How much time does your team have to commit to building, testing, and managing forms?
  • What is your budget?

Establish your goals

Before setting off on your ProntoForms implementation journey, you need to determine what the goals of your implementation are. Have discussions with key stakeholders and establish what you need and how you will measure success.
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"When we first do the assessment of the form we want to make sure everything in the process is included. We try to make sure there won't be any updates needed in the near future... It's very easy to make modifications and updates.
Kenneth Bohn, Service Operations Management
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Why leverage Professional Services experts

  • You want to reduce errors on high-impact forms.
    Leverage solution design experts who have years of experience designing, building, and deploying forms.
  • You want valuable training and dedicated ProntoForms' contacts.
    Lean on the Professional Services team to meet milestones and deadlines without stretching bandwidth.
  • You want to deploy complex workflows, quickly.
    Professional Services drastically shortens time-to-value, on budget, and to exact specification
What you get:
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Implementation Specialist
  • Training for your team
  • Customized form building
  • On-boarding & deployment support
  • Additional ProntoForms University training option

Questions you should answer at this stage

  • What ProntoForms tier and features will be important for your workflows?
  • What systems and processes does your data need to move across?
  • Does the form meet your requirements and meet your objectives?
  • What field testing will be done?
  • Are users happy with the form?
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"It was a really simple decision. The choice was either, I had to learn everything about ProntoForms and design the form or I could outsource the form and focus on the more strategic value of how it related with other technology projects we had."
Drew Hettich, President/Chief Operating Officer
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Implement methodology details

1. Concepts & Requirements Gathering


At the gathering stage, it's about discovering ProntoForms' capabilities and scoping how they will help you turn your plan into apps.

A ProntoForms Sales Engineer will schedule a kick-off call to explore, identify and document all workflow requirements, and fully understand parallel business processes, and intended outputs.

Using the information gathered at the "plan" stage (goals, budget, etc.) a Sales Engineer will work with the customer to develop a clear scope of work and a project plan, if appropriate.

Technical considerations

Review data sources, data destinations, 3rd party integrations, data outputs, and any additional dispatch requirements.

2. Solution Architecture


At the solution architecture stage, you will create an outline for the solution and decide how data will flow between the field, office, tech stack, and customer.

You will work with a Solutions Architect to plan how your solution will function from a technical perspective. They will provide tailored best practice recommendations to take full advantage of mobile forms capabilities and data integration.

Test and iterate on the form as you build:

  • It's extremely easy to deploy and test forms and workflows as you build the solution.
  • Seeing it on the device and testing as you build can save you time vs. attempting to build out the entire form before testing and receiving feedback.

3. Solution Development


At the solution development stage, an actual ProntoForms solution will be built out in the Formspace.

A regular checkpoint cadence will be created with a ProntoForms Implementation Specialist together you will institute a highly transparent development process. Using an iterative and interactive approach, the Implementation Specialist will ensure you are kept apprised of all milestones and given sufficient time for field testing / user acceptance testing. At this stage, any forms included in the implementation package will be built out by the implementation specialist.

4. Field Testing


Field testing is a critical stage of implementation as it puts apps into the hands of workers and generates real, actionable feedback.

Field testing will be conducted by your team. ProntoForms can help in constructing a test plan and can provide guidance, but it is critical to own your skills, resources, and expertise at this stage. Afterall, you know your processes best.

Opportunities to enhance or optimize a workflow may surface, based on field testing; in these situations, the Implementation Specialist may adopt a consultative role and engage additional internal resources.

5. Field Acceptance


Field testing is a critical stage of implementation as it puts apps into the hands of workers and generates real, actionable feedback.

You and your Implementation Specialist will agree if the final acceptance of the solution has been met. Training requirements and any future considerations should be clarified (analytics, custom outputs, or complex data management solutions). The form is ready to go live at this point. The Customer Success Manager and ProntoForms' support portal will serve as a conduit for further assistance.

Questions you should answer at this stage

  • Would you like to extract data gained from the field and move it across your tech stack?
  • Could you obtain more ROI from your existing implementations?
  • Are you interested in an out-of-the-box or custom API integration?
  • How often would you like to fetch updates to files?
  • What kind of analytics solution would help you make the most out of your data?
  • Is compliance with security standards important to your organization?

Establish your goals

Before setting off on your ProntoForms implementation journey, you need to determine what the goals of your implementation are. Have discussions with key stakeholders and establish what you need and how you will measure success.
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"When you look at the way we're applying the integrations, using the existing data sources & destinations, it's so much more than just getting information."
Cecily Stelly, Field Operations Analyst
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We make the connection

  • Out-of-the-box integrations
    ProntoForms offers dozens of simple integrations to commonly used back-office systems and cloud services.
  • Prontoforms' API and Webhooks
    Our custom API and webhooks help you program automatic data communication between your back-office system and the ProntoForms server.
The connections we make

Keeping your information secure is our top priority

ProntoForms has completed audits against the Service Organization Control (SOC 2 Type II), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Seguridad Rule, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and has received Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance attestation for electronic records and signatures.

  • We conduct ongoing compliance audits, penetration testing, and automated security scans.
  • We offer 24/7 service operations.
  • All customer data is encrypted with the AES-256 cipher in our cloud hosted systems.
  • We encrypt all data over HTTPS using TLS when in-transit to and from our cloud-hosted systems to customers' apps.

Leverage field collected data to make informed decisions

  • In-product Analytics
    Track the frequency of question responses using basic analytics, form activity, and form submission dashboards.
  • Submission Analytics
    Make the most of a sleek dashboard of data record submissions based on a single workflow—analyzed by time, status and/or outcome.
  • Workflow Analytics
    Measure your effectiveness with multi-dimensional and multi-workflow analysis using dashboards and reports, with user-defined filters and powerful ad-hoc capabilities.
Connection analitics example

Questions you should answer at this stage

  • Are there other areas of the organization or workflows that could be improved with apps?
  • Is compliance with security standards important to your organization?

Invest in Professional Services

You should consider investing in Professional Services for your scaling projects if you...
  • Have tight deployment timelines to deploy
  • Have limited resource availability—perhaps a citizen developer is not available to work on a project
  • Want to ensure best practice design and implementation are followed on larger, more complex solutions
  • Where critical customized outputs are required, like tailored custom documents submitted to government agencies
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"Although we've implemented our project, we now have these other business units that are now saying, "This business unit has these flashy new tools. When are we getting those?"
Brian Collins, Project Manager
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Don't leave scaling up to chance. ProntoForms' scale-up program.

When it comes to scaling, ProntoForms serves as the bridge between line of business and IT needs.

Our platform marries together the granular customization of LOB use cases and geo-specific security or systems requirements with enterprise-grade data, device management, and easy adoption that IT requires for organizational deployment.

Scale-up program example

Scale-up governance... we have a process for that!

Scale-up program example

Questions you should answer at this stage

  • Did I achieve my previously set goals?
  • Has my ProntoForms implementation met or exceeded my expectations?
  • When will I next review my processes for optimization opportunities?

Achieving digital transformation

Digital transformation isn't a destination, it's a journey.

For some organizations, digitizing processes might be the most important step in their digital transformation journey.

For organizations further along in their journey, it's important to look at developing long-term digital transformation pillars. This can include shifting team norms around data-empowered decisions, building a data-driven culture, or creating centers of excellence in your organization.

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"It's really easy to make modifications. Some of the requests literally take seconds to do."
Carol Higgins, Project Manager
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Empowering your organization's agility

Agility is important to stay competitive. ProntoForms is simple to adjust, tweak, and redeploy to your field team.

Did regulations change? Is there an area for workflow optimization? Click a button and automatically update regulations across multiple forms. Use form templates to reduce work and speed up changes even more.

Scale-up program example