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Customer Readiness & Satisfaction Forms

Leverage customer feedback to drive CSAT
Complete more work orders on the first visit
Improve fieldwork processes


Many organizations struggle to understand what is happening on a customer site until a technician is physically present. Without this visibility, there are often gaps in information that lead to wasted resources and time.
  • Site visibility
    Limited visibility into site preparedness is a continuous gamble. At best, it means guessing if a site is prepared for a service call. At worst, a technician could arrive to a site only to discover that it isn't ready for the work that needs to be completed. In this scenario, the sunk opportunity cost has real consequences. Time is lost, a return visit becomes necessary, and the technician's time could have been better spent on a different job.
  • Customer visibility
    Imagine a scenario where a customer who had a negative experience provides feedback for a completed job months after the fact. This stale data is too little too late. Due to their bad experience, the customer has already considered a competitive service offering and is on the cusp of changing service providers. This information should have been captured earlier, but the customer wasn't given an opportunity to voice their concerns or have them addressed.


Enter ProntoForms' web-based customer-facing forms. These forms provide clarity into a site before a technician arrives and track customer satisfaction after a tech departs.
  • Send a Site Readiness checklist to customers to confirm that a site is ready for servicing. Customers can submit images to show worksite details, required maintenance, or proof of a defective or damaged asset. ProntoForms will then automatically notify a service planner who can schedule the visit or send the technician to a different site. This increases first-time fix rates and empowers your organization to make informed decisions about where to send technicians.
  • Field service organizations can automatically send a Customer Satisfaction Form after a service call for feedback. Supervisors and team leads can include images for a customer to review and approve as proof of delivery or completed work. The feedback is directly tied to specific work orders to track performance. Identify at-risk customers sooner when there is an opportunity to maintain customer loyalty and retention.
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"Karen and Danny have been a huge help implementing Prontoforms and Analytics within our Division. We began with Safety audits and reporting and are now expanding into the area of Quality audits and beyond. This implementation and expansion has not only made us a more cutting edge company in the realm of Safety but our endeavors have also begun to be noticed by our sister divisions within our company as well as being looked at as part of a possible solution for other area projects."
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