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Document scanning

Produce PDF documents rapidly
Comply with regulatory paper trails
Digitize remaining paper documents in the field


Sometimes, paper is necessary. When physical documentation is required for projects or individual tasks to remain compliant or continue without risk, it can roadblock 100% digital transformation. Paper forms have a bad habit of getting lost or damaged, which leads to delayed projects, repeated work, and poor compliance reporting.


With document to PDF scanning, a technician can now include paper documents directly within their digital forms. Field technicians use their mobile device’s camera to capture pictures of multi-page documents, reports, contracts, or other information needed to support traceability or compliance requirements. Optical character recognition (OCR) then harvests text from the images and converts it into a PDF document. This PDF can be turned into any output document. The scanned version can also be stored in multiple locations, including the company's system of record, along with the relevant inspection and audit reports.

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Does not require a network connection
  • Turns photos into searchable PDFs
Camera to text packshot
"Our 640+ end-users are very pleased with the product and we've created many efficiencies that we did not have with paper audits. Completing audits is a very simple process using the app on your device. However, as an administrator, setting up the forms and understanding how to set up destinations has been the most challenging part of this process for myself. Thankfully, your tech support team has been very helpful in troubleshooting..."
Rating: 4.5/5
220+ reviews
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