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Form templates

Reduce repetitive work
Streamline complex forms
Simplify form building with consistent templates


No one likes to duplicate work.
When building field-focused forms that use the same data collection structure in the same app (for example, an inspection checklist whose questions, when answered in a particular way, produces multiple follow-up questions) re-creating these repeated sections each time can be tedious and slow form deployment.

This leads to:

  • Wasted time on simple, redundant tasks
  • Increased IT workloads and reduced time that could be spent on value-building activities
  • Unnecessarily complex applications that are error-prone


Form templates are a powerful feature for busy app builders that both saves time and decreases form complexity. This feature allows builders to create reusable temples that can be repeated throughout the app as many times as needed. Better yet, any edits made to the template will be echoed across all occurrences' like magic!

This feature not only eliminates repetitive work, which frees app builders to focus on valuable work, but it enables field applications to be deployed quicker without heavy dependency on IT.

Note: templates live on specific forms and cannot be shared across forms

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